World Economic Forum Beast Metaverse Rising

The second day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos meeting is underway with The Global Collaboration Village, “the first global purpose-driven metaverse platform” and “the start of transformative technology development to support the global progress”. In partnership with Accenture and Microsoft, WEF launches the prototype at this annual meeting. The WEF hails this virtual reality environment as bringing people together to “achieve the dream of instant, inclusive and impactful cooperation” with the support of “a consortium of leading global corporations, governments, international organizations, academic institutions and NGOs”. In short, it’s an effective new way to brainwash people.

WEF reports: “The capabilities of the metaverse create the conditions for extraordinary progress in global interaction and collaboration. That’s why we established the Global Collaboration Village, the first purpose-driven global metaverse platform. Built to improve more sustained public-private cooperation and spur action to drive impact at scale, this global village will not replace the need to meet face-to-face, but will complement and expand our ability to connect regardless of where we physically are. around the world. The immersive nature of the Global Collaboration Village has the potential to create a powerful and efficient means of driving global progress.” This is not just a fantasy world.

WEF says: “Inclusive and accountable by design, it will be a creative place to imagine alternative futures, explore ideas and systems transparently and safely, and imagine what the future of multi-stakeholder collaboration could be.” For example, people will be able to ‘immerse themselves’ in an interactive ocean experience that reveals the importance of safeguarding our ocean and challenges us to imagine the positive impact we could have through collective action. Rather than telling us the importance of mangroves to coastal ecosystems, he invites us to witness and experience the power of restoration and conversation for ourselves, all while engaging with global experts and innovators on the front lines. physics of this work.” “Collective action” is code for Marxism. WEF won’t say it outright, but that’s what it is.

In other words, this is a powerful, high-tech, interactive way to teach Marxism while promoting an agenda. This “immersion” in an interactive world is one that is constructed to show a certain political point of view of the environment. The power of virtual reality is extraordinary because it actually convinces or “tricks” the brain that you are in a very real environment. Imagine the Global Collaboration Village addressing climate change, lockdowns, collaboration between business, government and media on social and political issues. The WEF is targeting young people, the next generation of leaders, with this metaverse technology. WEF has a whole page of youth testimonials about this. Christ warned in Matthew 24:4, “Come let no man deceive you.” Here is the most organized global deception device known to man at this time. Is it the rise of the Beast system?

See who’s at the World Economic Forum:
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