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The COVID World post date: January 14th, 2022

Argentinian reporter Carlos Ferrara collapsed during a live news broadcast on Argentina’s Channel 9 on Thursday. Ferrara was covering a news story outside a COVID testing center in the city of Buenos Aires when he suddenly fainted.

Channel 9 reporter Carlos Ferrara outside a COVID testing center

Claudio Perez, the presenter on Channel 9, was at the point of saying goodbye to Ferrara when the reporter was heard saying “Sorry Claudio, sorry,” as a thumping sound could be heard through Ferrara’s microphone feed.

Claudio, believing that Ferrara wanted to give more info, asked him to quickly close since they were ready to end the segment. “What happened?” Claudio asked.

A few seconds later, the camera panned left and revealed Carlos Ferrara lying on the ground, face down, with the microphone still in his hand. The cameraman then quickly turned away from the distressing scene and the feed was cut.

Claudio Perez (right) was stunned when he saw his colleague lying face down on the ground

Claudio can be heard saying “No!” before attempting to move on from the incident.

“Well, Carlos had some difficulty. They will surely attend to him. We are going to make a cut.”

A few minutes later, Claudio clarified:

“The first thing we want to say is that we are waiting for confirmation that they are treating our colleague Carlos Ferrara, who had an incident at the testing site.”

Channel 9 was later able to confirm that Ferrara was stable and under observation in hospital with good vital signs. He is currently undergoing a full health assessment.

The fainting episode of Ferrara closely resembles the sudden collapse of Brazilian TV presenter Rafael Silva, who suffered a cardiac event on-air just a week after his COVID-19 booster shot.

Watch the video of Ferrara’s collapse here:

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