US military history of using forest fires as a weapon

US military history of using forest fires as a weapon

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

We are republishing Dane Wigington of’s report published last year (2022) entitled “Wildfires as a Weapon: The US Military Exposed.”

Wildfires as a Weapon: The US Military Exposed

Is the military industrial complex crazy enough to incinerate Earth’s last remaining forests to achieve the goals of the global controllers?

The short answer is yes. A previously classified US military document titled “Forest Fire as a Military Weapon” is a truly shocking expose of the planned destruction of the scorched Earth.

The US Forest Service was actually involved in the research and planning that went into this military instruction manual for conducting orchestrated wildfire disasters.

What role have climate intervention operations played in preparing forests for extreme and unprecedented burning worldwide?

The short video report below reveals the shocking degree of research the US military and US Forest Service have done to prepare forests for extreme burning.

Click on the PDF image below to view the entire previously classified US military document”Forest fire as a military weapon“:

Atrocities of climate engineering are a major factor in the equation of exponential increase in wildfires and fire intensity.

Geoengineering operations are completely disrupting the global hydrological cycle, drying up forests and causing record wildfires around the world. Climate engineering is fueling global incineration.

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URGENT: New Documentary Shows Weather-Controlling Climate Engineering (NOT ‘Global Warming’) Is Destroying Life and Planet – Far Greater Immediate Danger Than COVID-19

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Posted on June 8, 2023

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