US military denies religious exemption, kicking out another Green Beret over COVID vaccine mandates

John Frankman was an Army captain who served as a Green Beret assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group. With training at Airborne and Ranger schools, and completion of SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape) school and the military free fall course, Captain Frankman was one of the elite operators of the United States special forces united Difficulties over the COVID vaccine mandates and the Army’s political refusal to allow his religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine have caused him to resign from the United States military. America has lost another soldier in the US military with extensive specialized training, expensive and difficult to replace. This is a travesty at the expense of the American taxpayer and a betrayal of the years of training, commitment and dedication that Captain Frankman invested in serving his country and his oath to the US Constitution.

Before entering active duty, he spent four years at a Catholic seminary studying for the Archdiocese of Washington and the Military Archdiocese before discerning that God had different plans for him at that time. His commitment to his faith was the basis of his objection on moral grounds to the experimental injection of the COVID gene therapy, which involves the use of aborted human baby tissue in the testing and manufacture of the injections. Of all his military accomplishments, he considers refusing the immoral and illegal COVID vaccine his proudest moment even though it cost him his hard-earned career in the military as a Green Beret. He is currently completing his master’s degree in systematic theology. Read more about Captain Frankman’s story here, Check out his other interviews here: https:/ /

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