Torturing prisoners at Guantánamo Bay

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It used to be that if I posted something critical of Donald Trump, I would be accused of being a “liberal” or a “Democrat” (I’m neither).

Now, he accuses me of supporting Ron DeSantis if I write anything critical of Donald Trump.

So let me set the record straight here. I support Jesus Christ and his imminent return to earth when this time he will not come as a helpless baby born in a manger, but as the judge and executioner of Satan and his followers.

There is no salvation from politicians. none

I have exposed the corruption in Florida and with DeSantis in previous articles, as Florida is a hub for child trafficking that DeSantis not only allows, but participates in, and is also solidly pro-vaccine, including the rabies vaccine. COVID-19. .

In addition to these crimes that Governor DeSantis has been involved in, Mike Prysner just released a video about Ron DeSantis’ military career when he served in Iraq and also at Guantanamo Bay as a Judge Advocate Corps attorney General (JAG) of the Navy.

Mike Prysner himself served in Iraq and was reportedly appalled by the corruption he saw in the way the military interrogated prisoners and other ways they abused people, leading him to to begin working with other military veterans who were also traumatized by their experiences in the military. .

Prysner interviewed a former prisoner at Guantanamo Bay who was there when Ron DeSantis was also there. DeSantis was allegedly sent to Guantanamo Bay to be an advocate for the prisoners there, to make sure their rights were not being violated.

But according to this former Guantanamo detainee, Mansoor Adayfi, DeSantis not only failed to stand up for their rights, he betrayed them and participated in their torture.

This is information about Ron DeSantis that you likely won’t read or hear elsewhere. (Thanks to Henry Makow for providing a link to this video.)

If it disappears from YouTube, let us know and we’ll get a copy of it on our video channels.

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Posted on November 25, 2022

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