Threats to Freedom: Military-Grade Weapons at US Border, Voter Fraud, IGAs Controlling Local Governments

U.S. military weapons initially deployed to Ukraine are now on display at the southern U.S. border between Arizona and Mexico, as reported in today’s alert report by MSG Jack Dona, U.S. Army (ret ). Heavy-duty weapons, including AT-4 and RPG-7 shoulder-fired anti-armor weapons, are now in the hands of Mexican drug cartels and terrorists illegally crossing our border under the “open door” policy of the Biden Administration (i.e. open soldier). doors to steel edge doors). MSG Dona talks about these dangers and her efforts to engage Congressman Juan Ciscomani to open House investigations to secure the border in the face of this continued invasion of our land.

Today’s discussion also covers intergovernmental agreements between the federal government and local county officials for federal dollars that flow into the state to carry out federal government-driven political agendas, in many cases in violation of state laws and constitutional rights. These actions that usurp States’ rights coincide with the WHO Pandemic Treaty that Joe Biden will sign that cedes US sovereignty to the World Health Organization.

MSG Dona reports on her think tank, CONELRAD’s, comprehensive analysis of the 2022 Pinal County Primary and General Election to expose rampant voter irregularities, if not outright fraud, taking place in Pinal County in Arizona, and how it may affect other counties in the state where fraud has been documented by other groups investigating the 2022 midterm elections. Her letter to current Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Sources are as follows:

To the “elected” Secretary of State, Mr. Adrian Fontes,
Sir, my name is Fernando J. Dona, US Army Master Sergeant (Retired), a voting resident of the state of Arizona. I draw your attention to the attached PDF demand letter from the law firm, Holtzman, Bogel, Baran, Torchinski & Josefiak, PLLC. I do not represent this company in any way, but simply provide this letter for your attention. The information in this letter, if true, clearly points to fraud! To quote the executive summary of the documents:

1st Amendment Opinion: Mr. Fontes, you have a duty and responsibility before your Oath, if indeed you were sworn as Secretary of State, to immediately address the issues raised in the attached demand letter. If they are fake, I challenge you to go to this law firm and PROVE they are fake! Allow this law firm the widest possible latitude for discovery under the law. Be 100 percent transparent… But if they are telling the truth, you have the same duty and responsibility to prove that you are an honest and true servant of We the People and a Marine who remembers his oath to the Constitution… YOU to FIX IT. ! The Oath we both took to protect the Republic and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, demands that you do your duty. Prove the rumors about you being a gun grabber and a Marxist to be false. For you, I am the only Master Sergeant in the Army to graduate from all three Marine Corps NCO Academies in Quantico, VA and deployed with the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, Special Operations Task Force 81 (SOTF-81) in Afghanistan, 2009-2010. My family escaped Communism when they overcame Nicaragua. I know Marines and have served with Marines…see you sir.

To our elected leaders and everyone reading this… you better start speaking up on your 1st amendment right and do something about it. Our beloved Republic hangs in the balance.

Very respectful, Jack
Jack Woman
master sergeant
US Army (retired)
Civil Email:
Secure Email:
“Call to Duty|Boots on the Ground”

F. Jack Dona, MSG US ARMY (Retired) is a first-generation Hispanic-Latino born in the United States. Son of parents who fled communist Nicaragua. Dad is a Korean and Vietnam War veteran who served 22 years in the USAF and is a recipient of the Air Medal, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Named “Fernando” after his uncle, PFC Fernando Rivera, who was captured as a POW at the fall of Taejon, Korea in 1950. PFC Rivera was executed by the Communist Forces of the Chinese and North Korean armies. It is included in the “Tiger List”. MSG Dona served in the United States Army and was honorably retired from the Army after 23 years of service as a Master Sergeant/First Sergeant. Final position held in the US Army was Sergeant Major, Futures Directorate (FDIC), US Army Intelligence Center, Fort Huachuca, AZ.+ He held the occupational specialty military 33 Romeo: Electronic Warfare Aviation Systems Intelligence Maintainer and successfully held a Top Secret, TS-SCI security clearance for 4 decades. MSG Dona holds 43 technical and intelligence certifications and diplomas from civilian colleges, technical schools and military academies. He served as Chief Instructor of the National Cryptologic School, Joint Spectrum Training Cell at Fort Huachuca under the control of the National Security Agency for 5 years, and has been inducted into the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame as to receiver of Knowlton. Inducted into the 501st Military Intelligence Brigade Outstanding Soldier for Life program. MSG Dona had multiple deployments as a military service member and DOD contractor to include West Germany, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan , South Korea, Singapore and other areas of the world. He has received numerous awards and decorations including the Legion of Merit and 3 Meritorious Service Medals.

To contact MSG Dona, email: or secure email:;
Social Truth: @MSG_F_Jack_Dona_RET

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