“This [Vaccine] is Not a Product, Based on Its Safety, that Anyone Should Take” – FLCCC

Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s Surgeon General pictured above, has been endlessly vilified for his guidance on COVID shots. Still he courageously imparts the science that illuminates the dangers of the COVID boosters.

Courage is a laudable character strength that myriad humans have summoned over the long course of human history to save the lives of imperiled others. Without their mighty efforts, many may have fared poorly—and more would have certainly perished.

One might suppose that medical providers would be at the front of the line of those courageously raising their voices to warn patients about life-limiting hazards in their way—despite the risks to their livelihoods and other repercussions for having the courage to speak scientific truth against officially sanctioned, profit-motivated narratives. Here, we are speaking specifically about the toxic COVID shots.

Tragically, that is not happening—despite what we know about the COVID shots. Despite what THEY know about the COVID shots—but will not utter.

We will speak up. Always. And our physicians have paid a hefty price for their courage…and for doing the right thing. Many others have done the same…but still, there are too few.

Let’s raise those numbers. Fast. Share the linked information below with your doctors. On your social media platforms. With your elected officials. With those you love. With all who will have the courage to listen.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that these shots have intensely deleterious impacts on human health…now…and perhaps for generations to come. We cannot warn you strongly enough that the decision to roll up your sleeve for this shot (and any other shots manufactured on the mRNA platform) may be ill-fated. This is not hyperbole. Ignoring the reports of millions around the world who have already been injured by these injections…and the many who have died…is foolhardy.

Have courage. Click on every link below. Read and learn. It may save your life or the lives of those you love.

💉 Pieces of DNA have been found in the Pfizer vaccine which can penetrate the cell and stay in the genome permanently. (DNA was not present in the initial trial samples.) This may trigger the formation of turbo tumors. Pfizer knew the DNA was there, but regulatory oversight was lacking in their haste to approve the boosters under the Emergency Use Authorization. (Remember, there is no emergency.)

💉 Cancers are appearing in ways never seen before.

💉 Incidences of myocarditis in young people (mostly male) continue to be reported.

💉 “Vaccine immunity” from boosters targeted to Omicron waned faster than others.

💉 The spike protein is likely the major pathogenetic factor leading to post-vaccine syndrome. (See page 12 in link.)

💉 Numerous peer reviewed case reports and studies document adverse events related to the shots.

💉 The number of complications from the COVID shots continues to grow. (See pages 7-8 in the link.)


We can help.

Those experiencing vaccine injury —along with their medical providers— can turn to the FLCCC for treatment guidance. Our recommendations are based on our assessment of the likely pathogenic mechanisms underlying these delayed complications (spike protein-related disease) and the limited available autopsy data.

💊 The FLCCC’s I-PREVENT Protocol has been developed to attempt to limit vaccine injury complications and reassure those who have been vaccinated.

💊 Our I-RECOVER Protocol is designed for healthcare providers caring for patients with symptoms following a COVID injection.

These are treatment solutions with which most “system” providers are either unfamiliar—or unwilling to share with their patients. Bring these vital resources to their attention.

Here’s more on what can occur in the body post-vax from our Dr. Been in this edition of Long (COVID) Story Short.

A new study shows that synthetic (vaccine-generated) spike circulates in the blood of individuals even at 187 days post-vaccination. Researchers in this study demonstrated an inexpensive and easy method to detect spikes in tissue and circulation. (Also, consult the I-PREVENT Protocol.) This is a not-to-be missed review.

On this week’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar, Dr. Meryl Nass and Dr. Michael Turner joined our Dr. Pierre Kory and host Joyce Kamen (subbing for our Betsy Ashton!) for a discussion on physicians having to fight for their freedom of speech, as well as for their right to practice medicine. Drs. Turner and Nass have each filed lawsuits claiming that they were subjected to blatant violations of their First Amendment rights. This couldn’t be more timely, as last week, Dr. Nass received a “guilty” verdict in a separate licensing board review. Unbelievable.

“We’re fighting for the soul of medicine right now. We are fighting to have a doctor-patient relationship free of influence from the CDC, the FDA, all these three letter organizations,” said Dr. Turner.

Dr. Nass said that she was not targeted because the Maine licensing board thought she had committed some kind of violation. “They did it because they thought I’m older and I wouldn’t have the money to challenge them and so they could get away with it. They thought they could turn me into a poster child to scare all the doctors in the country,” she said.

Instead, she, Dr. Turner and Dr. Kory are role models for courageous warriors fighting for medical freedom and First Amendment rights—emboldening many other providers who may now begin to shed their fear. 🙏

“One of the reasons I live in this country is because of my freedom of choice and freedom of speech.” — Dr. Joe Varon

Our own Dr. Joseph Varon, appearing on America’s Thought Leaders with host Jan Jekielek, said that censorship is what killed many people during the height of the pandemic.

“The FLCCC’s success early on in the pandemic was unreal,” he said. “Our mortality rates were the lowest in the country. But the media who came to our hospital from all over the world would never talk about what we were doing. They never talked about the MATH+ Protocol. They would never talk about our use of repurposed drugs. A lot of people died unnecessarily because of the censorship! They shut down people like us…like the brilliant Paul Marik and Pierre Kory who saw patients dying and we knew we had to do something to save them. And we did.”

Hear more about what Joe had to say HERE.

Dr. Suzanne Gazda, writing on Substack, said that it is never too early or too late to be proactive about taking steps to reduce the risk of dementia.

“Alzheimer’s Disease International estimates that the number of people living with dementia will almost triple by 2050 – to 139 million,” she says. “There is a looming question, as well, about the effect that COVID and its countermeasures will have on rising Alzheimer’s cases. As I wrote a year ago, data show that up to 70% of patients with long COVID and post-vaccine syndrome/“long vax” show signs of cognitive impairment.”

Dr. Gazda, who will be a featured guest on the FLCCC Weekly Webinar this Wednesday, at 7PM ET on September 27, advises that one risk reduction technique would be to avoid spike protein — whether by COVID infection or injection. Dr. Gazda will be joined by Dr. Mobeen Syed (Dr. Been) for this important discussion. REGISTER HERE for next week’s webinar to learn even more.

💊 Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has extended a pause on a ruling that limits the ability of the White House and other key federal agencies to communicate with social media companies about content related to Covid-19 and elections the government views as misinformation.

The ruling came in the Missouri vs Biden case in which Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general —along with individual plaintiffs— filed the lawsuit, alleging that the government’s efforts to combat online misinformation about Covid-19 and US elections amounted to a form of unconstitutional censorship.

The injunction the administration is seeking to undo is a scaled back version of a more restrictive trial court order. However, it still puts strict limitations on the government’s ability to interact with social media platforms.

The matter is on hold until Wednesday, September 27, so that the court will have more time to consider the administration’s request to block the lower court’s injunction that had concluded that federal officials likely had violated the free speech protections of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment by coercing social media platforms into censoring certain posts. We are watching this story closely.

💊 This week, Dr. Pierre Kory appeared on Ask Dr. Drew, to discuss the case brought by three doctors against the FDA. Though the lower court dismissed the case, the physicians—Drs. Robert Apter, Mary Talley Bowden and our Dr. Paul Marik—successfully appealed and now the case will return to the lower court for trial.

“The FDA’s campaign against ivermectin continues to be used as an excuse by hospitals to deny access to a lifesaving treatment and weaponized by medical boards to threaten the licenses of doctors who stray from the mainstream to prescribe a drug that has been proven in controlled trials to safely treat hundreds of thousands of patients around the world,” said Dr. Kory.

💊 Mark your calendars for our next FLCCC Twitter Space, ‘How to Read Food Labels’! Host Kristina Morros, CRNA and Dr. Kristina Carman will share advice, tips and tricks and there will be a Q&A session, too. Tuesday, October 10 at 7pm ET.

“I came across the FLCCC and I appreciate all these doctors providing alternative treatments.”

This man experienced a relief of his long-vax symptoms when he took ivermectin while on holiday. Returning home, however, meant he could no longer access it. Watch this compelling MyStory now.

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