They can no longer hide the truth about the COVID blows


Long list of harms caused by COVID-19 shots, including reports of mass deaths, blood clots, strange blood clots found in dead vaccinated people, an increase in orders for child-sized coffins, an increase in “unexpected” deaths ” no COVID (up to 15). % in Western countries), myocarditis and the lack of clinical trials on the newest booster vaccine offered in September 2022.

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They can no longer hide the truth about the COVID blows

Long list of harms caused by COVID-19 injections, including reports of mass deaths, blood clots, an increase in orders for child-sized coffins, an increase in “unexpected” non-Covid deaths (up to 15% in countries Western countries), myocarditis and the lack of clinical trials on the latest booster vaccine offered in September 2022.


Analyst Says U.S. Sabotaged Nord Stream Pipelines, Essentially Declared War on Russia

Before the pipeline sabotage, Germany held large demonstrations to remove sanctions against Russia and buy cheap Russian fuel for the winter. Since the destruction of the pipelines, Europe is now in obligation to the US for energy. The US essentially declared war on Russia by destroying Nord Stream.


Federal Reserve Announces Major ‘Pilot Exercise’ for ESG Social Credit Scoring System

Journalist Jordan Schachtel says pro-ESG institutions are committed to attacking free market principles through deception, allowing a small group of technocratic elites to manipulate society. ESG rules are similar to China’s social credit score, intended to be used to coerce companies and individuals.


Project Cirrus: Evidence of government manipulation of weather, including hurricanes.

The Department of the Navy and the Air Force, along with General Electric, worked together to impact the hurricanes. An article published by General Electric titled “History of Project Cirrus from 1947 to 1952” is a study that includes information on how particles and cloud modifications affect hurricanes.

Global warming

CNN’s Don Lemon gets scolded after trying to blame Hurricane Ian on global warming

The NOAA director told Lemon, “I don’t think you can tie climate change to any one event. As a whole, cumulatively, climate change may be making storms worse. But to tie it to any one event, I would caution against it.” Despite the data manipulation, hurricanes are not more common today.


Stock market losses wipe $9 trillion from Americans’ wealth

The top 1% lost over $5 trillion in stock market wealth. The market swelled as it nearly doubled during the pandemic from $22 trillion to $42 trillion. Most of that wealth went to the top, with the richest 10% of Americans owning 89% of individual stocks.


West Virginia: Nurse saves 2 cops with NARCAN after suspect throws narcotics in their faces

The suspect, Keith Deshon Adams, is currently in custody and charged with attempted murder. The other suspect got away. This crime is disturbing because people can easily be poisoned and killed by exposure to illegal drugs being smuggled across the border into the US.


Rat feeding study shows ‘impossible burger’ may not be safe to eat

Rats fed Impossible Burger’s GM yeast-derived protein developed unexplained changes in weight gain, changes in the blood that may indicate the onset of inflammation or kidney disease, and possible signs of anemia. The FDA issued a “no questions asked” letter that is not a claim by the FDA that the food is safe.


UN food chief warns of ‘chaos’, ‘hell’ and widespread food shortages next year

Grain shipments from Ukraine and food and fertilizer shipments from Russia have been reduced. China, the world’s largest fertilizer producer, has banned its export. The narrative of famine, more wars and mass migration has been established, but the role of bankers and politicians in causing the problems is not discussed.


where’s the beef Customers Abandoning ‘Beyond Meat’ Brand Fake Meat

Beyond Meat, a company that makes “meat substitutes,” has lost 77% of its stock market value over the past year. All plant-based meat substitutes are losing customer share. The loss is attributed to the high price of the products and a decrease in the belief that plant-based meat is healthier than natural meat.


Canada removes travel mandate for COVID vaccine 9 out of 10 people who died recently were vaxxes

The latest figures from Canada show there were 2,145 deaths from Covid-19 between June 13 and August 28, 2022, and the vaccinated population accounted for 1,841, with a shocking 1,123 deaths among the triple vaccinated and 548 deaths among the quadruple vaccinated population. .


California Governor Newsom promised in 2008 to end homelessness in 10 years, but it’s gotten worse!

Governor Newsom, who was mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011, planned to end chronic homelessness in his city within 10 years. However, homelessness has exploded across the state due to government funding of bureaucracies that profit from homelessness and other bad policies.


Buses across the U.S. are adding silent microphones to record passengers’ conversations

Public transport authorities are installing surveillance systems on buses that will give them the ability to record and store private conversations. Officials say the systems will help improve passenger and driver safety, but the system can be combined with facial recognition systems to identify passengers.


New Zealand’s prime minister calls for a global censorship system

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called for a global alliance to censor the speech. He tried to show the need to silence people by asking: “How do you tackle climate change if people don’t believe it exists?” Leftists promote censorship for narrative control rather than freedom of speech and truth.


Italy: ‘Far-right’ woman wins Italian election despite threat from European Commission

Before the election, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that Brussels had “tools” to respond if the political situation in Italy goes in a “difficult direction” after the election, essentially threatening the Italian voters that EU funding could be withheld if they choose. Georgia Meloni.

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