The war of private militaries? Russia’s private military group recruits Americans

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I have been reporting since last year (2022) that World War III has already begun, even though the corporate media is trying to portray the fighting in Ukraine as a war between Russia and Ukraine alone.

James Rickards of the Daily Reckoning recently published an excellent piece explaining why World War III has already begun, comparing it to World Wars I and II and how those wars began.

But first, check out this excellent report released today by Greg Reese that provides a historical perspective on the United States that you won’t see in the corporate media, and then a promotional video released by the Wagner Group, a private military organization with ties to Russia. , where they are now actively recruiting Americans to join their group to fight for Russia.

Of course there are US funded private military groups also in Ukraine fighting for the US See:

Why do private military companies play such an important role in Ukraine?

This is how the US can claim that there are no US forces fighting Russia in Ukraine, because they are not part of the US government funded military.

Even Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has gone public to explain how his son, Conor Kennedy, secretly went to Ukraine to fight the Russians. I will see:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks about son Conor’s secret Ukrainian military enlistment

Here’s Greg Reese’s report that we posted on our Bitchute channel.

World War III: Has it begun?

for James Rickards
Daily accounts

Has World War III already started?

This is a serious question and deserves serious consideration by investors. A wave of analysts and commentators have warned that the war in Ukraine could spiral out of control and escalate into World War III.

A variation on this theme is that the war could turn into a nuclear war with tactical nuclear weapons deployed. Most point the finger at Russia as the party that will launch a nuclear attack out of desperation over a failed campaign in Ukraine.

In fact, the opposite is true.

The Russian campaign is not failing (it has been on hold for months waiting for the right conditions to launch a winter offensive). You just don’t hear about it in the media, which is essentially a propaganda outlet for Ukraine.

And the party most likely to use nukes first is the US to save face and destabilize Russia once Ukraine is on the verge of collapse.

Reality check

Many people find this hard to believe. They have been told that Putin is the devil incarnate and that he would probably want to destroy the world. We like to think that in modern times we are sophisticated and above falling prey to propaganda. Unfortunately, it is not true.

The fact is that the United States fought the only nuclear war in history from August 6-9, 1945, and had a good result. I’m not getting into the morality of it here, one way or the other. I’m just objective.

Either way, another nuclear war could not be contained and would amount to World War III. It’s the same.

But my point is different. It’s not that we can go to World War III; we are already there. The question of when wars in general and world wars in particular begin and end is not as clear cut as many believe. There are many examples.

When does a war officially start? It’s complicated

When did the First World War begin? There were many precursors, including the Agadir Crisis in Morocco (1911), the Italo-Turkish War (1911–12), and the Balkan Wars (1912–1913).

It is clear that the First World War was already in a countdown phase in 1911.

More specifically, did World War I begin with the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand on June 28, 1914? Austria-Hungary’s declaration of war on Serbia on July 28, 1914? Germany’s declaration of war on Russia on August 1, 1914?

The fact is that the start of the First World War (then called the Great War) was a series of mistakes. There were many other errors besides those just mentioned. Of course, the US did not enter World War I until April 6, 1917.

The end of World War I was also a mess. Most students recite November 11, 1918, as the day the war ended. This is not entirely correct. It was the day the armistice was signed and the shooting stopped. But an armistice is a ceasefire, not a peace treaty. The Treaty of Versailles that ended the war was signed on June 28, 1919.

There is nothing new about blurring the lines about when wars start and end. The Korean War was stopped with an armistice signed on July 27, 1953, but technically it is not yet over; there has never been a peace treaty.

The most interesting case (and the most relevant to the Ukrainian war) is the beginning of the Second World War.

When did World War II really start?

Most Americans date this to December 7, 1941, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. This is the proper date for US entry, but of course the war began on September 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3.

However, did World War II really start much earlier?

Japan invaded Manchuria on September 18, 1931. There they established a puppet regime called Manchukuo led by Emperor Puyi (the infamous “last emperor” of China and a descendant of the Qing dynasty). This was followed by a full-scale invasion of China by Japan in 1937 and the horrific breach of Nanjing in December 1937.

Of course, the European and Pacific theaters of World War II were distinct and geographically separate, but it is at least arguable that World War II began in China in 1931 or 1937 at the latest. I personally lean towards this view.

And let’s not leave out the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) in which Germany bombed Guernica, Russia financed the Popular Front and mercenaries formed the International Brigades, including the American Abraham Lincoln. The spectacle of the US and Russia fighting Germany on Spanish soil was a good preview of World War II.

The arrival of foreign fighters in the Ukrainian war offers a modern parallel.

The case of the beginning of the Third World War

So the case for the fuzzy beginnings and endings of wars is clear. What is the case for saying that World War III has already started based on the situation in Ukraine?

The first point is the number of nations directly involved. It makes no sense to say that NATO members are cheering Ukraine on from the sidelines. These countries are directly involved in supplying weapons, intelligence, money, ammunition and boots on the ground.

Polish troops operate as mercenaries in Ukrainian uniforms. US and UK special operators are in Ukraine providing intelligence, weapons training and help with logistics. (These special operators are often hired as contractors by the CIA and MI6 to disguise their connections with US and UK intelligence.)

Poland and Lithuania are supplying sophisticated Leopard tanks to Ukraine. The UK is preparing to supply its most sophisticated tank – the Challenger II, too. The United States provides Bradley fighting vehicles and Stryker armored vehicles.

The US is also supplying HIMARS (long-range guided missile artillery) and Patriot anti-missile batteries. The West is providing Ukraine with ammunition, cash, drones, satellite imagery, signals intelligence (SIGINT) and human intelligence (HUMINT).

Russia has not been left behind when it comes to recruiting allies and mercenaries. The Wagner Group, a privately owned mercenary army, has been at the front near Soledar and Bakhmut.

Russia is receiving drones from Turkey and Iran. Fighters arrive from Syria. China provides financial support and provides technology that helps Russia build its weapons and continue its missile attacks.

Climb the climbing ladder

Physical combat has occurred in Poland (a Ukrainian missile gone wrong), Belarus (also a Ukrainian missile gone wrong), Russia (drone attacks on air bases inside Russia with nearby nukes), and Germany (the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines ). There have also been naval battles in the Black Sea.

Of course, a long list of countries are supporting Ukraine by participating in the financial and economic sanctions led by the US and the EU.

Countries now directly involved in the war in Ukraine with weapons, money, intelligence, mercenaries or financial sanctions include the US, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, China , Syria, Iran, Turkey, Japan, Romania, Belarus and Moldova. These countries span four continents. The economic ramifications are global. If this is not a world war, it is not clear what is.

World War III is here. It may be in the 1937 stage rather than the 1941 stage. Let’s hope the state prevails. He probably won’t.

Read the full article at Daily accounts

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