The US has long supported Nazi collaborators in Ukraine

Neo-Nazi symbols of Ukrainian troops “cannot be divorced” from their origin

for Fantine Gardinier
Sputnik International


After Russia launched its special operation in February 2022, Western media that had easily called out Ukrainian nationalist groups as neo-Nazis were quick to sound the alarm, insisting that the Azov Battalion and others had “walked away” from their hateful ways and did not glorify the figures who collaborated with the invasion, occupation and genocide of World War II.

An article Monday in the New York Times highlighted what Western media have tried to play down over the past year: the existence of neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian military and the proliferation of Nazi symbolism, including the Totenkopf emblem “Head of death” used by the SS. and Sonnenrad’s “Black Sun,” which was also widely used by the Nazis and later groups sympathetic to their ideology.

However, the Times tried to play down the symbolism, seeing it as devoid of the fascist meanings associated with it and repeating Ukrainian nationalist talking points about how the symbols have traditional meanings unique to Ukraine.

Jeremy Kuzmarov, the editor-in-chief of Covert Action magazine and author of a series of books on US foreign policy, told Radio Sputnik on Tuesday that despite the attempt to “whitewash” the symbolism and those who carry, this “cannot be divorced” symbolism. ” of its meaning in Europe.

Kuzmarov said the media, including the Times, were “misrepresenting the situation” by refusing to separate journalism from propaganda by asking Ukrainian soldiers to remove neo-Nazi patches before being photographed.

Kuzmarov noted, as the Times article itself does, that part of the reason for launching the special military operation in Ukraine in February 2022 was to de-Nazify the country after years of such groups being allowed to violently hunt down and kill ethnic Russians. in Ukraine, including fueling the eight-year war against the autonomous Russian-speaking Donbass.

The proliferation of these symbols among Ukrainian troops “gives some legitimacy” to these claims in Western eyes “and they can’t have that.”

Long supported Nazi collaborators in the US

In the final stages of World War II, the US was quick to reach out to Nazi collaborators in the Soviet Union and parts of Europe liberated by the Soviets, most notably Ukraine. After the war, the newly formed CIA helped sponsor an insurgency in Ukraine that the agency estimated killed more than 35,000 people when it was suppressed in the mid-1950s.

“Basically, this is what we’re seeing again: the American CIA is mobilizing neo-Nazi networks to confront the Russians. Much of the front-line fighting is carried out by these militias, many of whom openly wear this insignia,” Kuzmarov said.

Read the full article at Sputnik International.

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Posted on June 7, 2023

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