The Stupidity: Washington’s Game of Interpreters

If you’re a moral person, there are things happening in Washington, DC lately that might give you some hope. The Republican-led House of Representatives voted to protect babies who survive abortion and condemn violence against pro-life charities and churches. The House also voted to repeal the addition of 85,000 Internal Revenue Service agents with the goal of making your life more miserable. And Joe Biden and his family are being investigated for their blatant corruption. But don’t get your hopes up too high. This is like verse 11 of Jeremiah 8: “For they have lightly healed the wound of the daughter of my people, saying Peace, peace; when there is no peace.”

There is no peace in this case because for all the good the Republican-led House will do, it will come to nothing because the Democrats in the Senate and the corrupt sitting in the White House are committed to preventing these bills from becoming law . And there will be no impeachment of Biden for his blatant corruption (which I might add was reported by legitimate media, but censored by the FBI and the mainstream media before his election) because the Senate will not vote for do the right thing Oh wait, there’s that word “moral” coming out of the way again. Did you know that every Republican and only one Democrat—Henry Ceullar (TX)—voted in favor of the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act?

House Republicans also approved a repeal of most of the money earmarked for hiring an army of 85,000 IRS agents to dig into your personal lives with absolute authority to screw you over without due process. The vote was 221-210, with no Democrats. Republicans were all proud of themselves for fulfilling a campaign promise so quickly. Along these lines, the Republicans are establishing a committee to review US business with China: the world’s biggest slaver and abuser of human rights, where Christian homes are destroyed, pastors are imprisoned and forced labor is the force of work Republicans are also seeking legislation to prevent the government from being weaponized against American citizens.

All good things, right? It’s not going anywhere. It’s all part of playing the Washington, DC interpreter game over and over, expecting different results. These major reforms won’t go anywhere because Democrats will shut them down in the Senate, and Biden has already said he’ll veto them if they somehow miraculously land on his desk. Democrats care about staying in power more than the rightness or wrongness of an issue: their brand of democracy is based on socialism and strong government. What president would ever imply that he would use F-14s against citizens? Joe Biden, that’s who. And that should mean a lot to each of us. Voting these people into office over and over again and expecting different results isn’t just crazy, it’s, say it with me…stupid.

Have a happy and powerful day!
Bill Wilson

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