The shocking rewriting of the history of the origins of Covid-19

By Maryam Henein, investigative reporter

“Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana.

While people were caught up in the alleged Russian military coup, the US Director of National Intelligence finally released, albeit several days later, declassified a 10-page report on the origin of Covid.

Their ratings, mind you, are full of attempts (truth mixed with lies). However, here are the highlights:

Several agencies assessed that the initial human infection with SARS-CoV-2 was likely caused by natural exposure to an infected animal.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation assessed that an incident associated with the laboratory was the most likely cause of the first human infection with SARS-CoV-2. All CI agencies assessed that SARS-CoV-2 was not developed as a biological weapon. The CIA and “another agency” are still unable to determine the exact origin of COVID-19

“It’s a line crossing game, with classic Hegelian justification,” someone wrote on Twitter.

In response to the report, someone else tweeted: “More Biden Agency gaslighting.”

The Biden administration had pledged to declassify intelligence related to the origins of COVID-19 under bipartisan legislation signed earlier this year. It came three days late, and ultimately this report only creates more confusion, leading virologists and government officials to conclude that we’ll likely never know the full picture.

How convenient

The intelligence community has all these tools at their fingertips, and yet they still cannot determine the outcome or the origins.

What does it say when the “intelligence” agencies disagree with each other and don’t appear to be very intelligent and/or truthful? The result is a “muddying of the waters” while giving the masses the impression that progress is being made in this research.

But many of us know that they don’t want us to know the truth. It is a most ridiculous obfuscation. They lie, we know it, and they know it and still lie. Intelligence agencies have lost all credibility. Also, no declassified information was actually released.

Sweet Little Lies

Decades of American history have been forgotten and surreptitiously obscured. C19 origins will be no different. The question is who will follow up absolutely true?

The 10-page report follows an ironically titled 300-page US Senate report Muddy Waters, the report on the origins of Covid-19. However, hardly anyone read or covered this massive document. I’m only on page 88 myself. Meanwhile, the weak report doesn’t seem to have any information classified as promised.

“Intelligence” agencies may say otherwise, but the evidence points to:

This is a synthetic “virus” that was created in a lab.
Fauci funded WIV-related research.
Media whores are still lying about origins three and a half years later.

Currently, the scientific community is divided over the possibility that the virus arose from a laboratory leak or was transmitted to humans from an infected animal. Meanwhile, the three-letter agencies also continue to consider the possibility that this was a natural spillover.

That’s pretty awesome no one one can still cling to an animal origin theory and consider a “natural” spillover in the Hunan wet market over a hypothesis associated with the laboratory to explain the first human infection.

Remember pangolins and raccoon dogs: despite the intelligence agencies, they are facing Occam’s razor.

Some who still believe in the wet market theory believe that the controversial site of “furin cleavage” was mainly collected in the intermediate host between bats and humans.

I would recommend them to watch the movie contagion. I think the script was a slap in the face to the world. Below is an excerpt. A lab origin was a possibility from day 1.US-funded scientist among three Chinese researchers who fell ill amid first Covid-19 outbreak

For those of us who have been covering virus hunters and their playbook, Patient Zero is always a fuzzy story, whether it’s Ebola or SARS. But somehow they claim they now know the first infected human. Sort of.

Days before the publication of the fragile IC report, The Wall Street Journal announced that three WIV researchers fell ill a few months before the Wuhan outbreak. Scientist Ben Hu, who has worked extensively in gain-of-function research funded by grants from the US federal government, was identified. Along with Yu Ping, a Chinese scientist who wrote a thesis in 2019 on SARS-related coronaviruses found in bats; and another scientist named Yan Zhu. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is the only biosafety level four (BSL-4) facility in China.

None of these researchers died.

What happened to supposed patient zero aged 55 from Hubei Province (Wuhan is its capital), who contracted the “virus” on November 17, 2019? This was apparently the first confirmed case of COVID-19. He resided near WIV and also China CDC. This “patient zero” died.

Or how about when “Vision Medicals” sequenced a sample from a 65-year-old delivery boy who worked at Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market and was admitted to Wuhan Central Hospital on December 18, 2019 with pneumonia? This “patient zero” died.

And seconds The Daily Mailthere were also early reports in April 2020 of a female intern at the Wuhan lab who transmitted the virus to her boyfriend and/or the local population after leaving work.

Does anyone keep track of all these patient zeros?

The three WIV scientists, according to the IC report, conducted experiments conducted in inappropriately low biosafety environments that could have resulted in a laboratory infection. However, the intelligence community maintained his symptoms were consistent, but not with the diagnosis of COVID-19 (loss of smell/taste and pneumonia with ground-glass opacities)

They write:

“Although several WIV researchers fell slightly ill in the fall of 2019, they:

experienced a range of symptoms consistent with colds or allergies with symptoms not normally associated with COVID-19, and some of them were confirmed to be ill with other illnesses unrelated to COVID-19… A researcher may have been hospitalized in that time period for treatment of a non-respiratory medical condition.”

As a result, the IC continues to assess that this information does not support or refute any hypothesis about the origins of the pandemic because the researchers’ symptoms could have been caused by various diseases and some of the symptoms were not consistent with COVID-19.

Ah, how ironic considering that in the early days of Rona’s Regime, all kidney and cough were classified as Covid19. But now inside this example, it could have been anything. Total dick!

It was also noted that while some of these scientists had historically conducted research on animal respiratory viruses, no one could confirm or deny whether any of them handled live viruses in their work before falling ill.

They added that, in accordance with standard practices, these researchers likely completed annual health examinations as part of their duties in a high-containment biosafety laboratory. The IC assessed that the WIV maintains blood samples and health records of all its laboratory personnel, which are standard procedures in high containment laboratories.

China’s National Security Commission allegedly investigated WIV in early 2020 and took blood samples from WIV researchers. According to the World Health Organization’s March 2021 public report, WIV officials, including Shi Zhengli (Batwoman), who leads WIV’s laboratory group conducting coronavirus research, stated that the samples of laboratory employees tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.

For the record, the “test” used was a “species-independent test” that was only “verified” in rabbits, cats and dogs, with no positive human control. Shi’s serological test does not work well on human serait was affirmed.

Assuming Hu and his colleagues contracted the first cases of COVID-19, the implications are pretty devastating.

This would usually result in a lab leak. No?

Stay tuned for part two…

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Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist, founder and editor-in-chief of the health and marketplace magazine HoneyColony. She is also a functional medicine consultant/coach and director of the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Elliot Page. Follow her on Twitter @maryamhenein. Email her:

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