The desecration of the human body

Have you ever seen the movie Soylent Green? This year, 2023, marks the 50th anniversary of the film. While the film was made in 1973, its futuristic plot was set in the year 2022. The Earth was overpopulated and polluted; there were no natural resources left and everyone’s food came from plankton in the oceans, in a product made by Soylent Industries, hence the title of the film. There’s a murder, an investigation, and a cover-up, but eventually the detective uncovers a disturbing secret. Soylent food is not made from plankton, but from human flesh.

Fast forward to 2022 and we have the equivalent of Soylent Industries. It’s shocking, but unfortunately true. It’s called ‘The Human Meat Project’. Here is the description from their own website:

“Welcome to the Human Flesh Project, we are the human flesh donation program. By donating bodies for human consumption, we are taking action to address overpopulation, which causes climate change, and the greenhouse effect caused by the mass breeding of livestock to feed the world. At the Human Meat Project, we value every body and every life.”

they are eating Human beings. Yes, you read that part right. Basically, these sick people are saying that we are using too many farm animals for food, so to solve it, eat dead humans. The site goes on to say that they source humans from all over the world, you know, for diversity, equity, and inclusion. They welcome all nations to come back, literally.

The usual supply of fact-checkers quickly hit the Internet when the buzz about Project Human Flesh began on TikTok. For example, Yahoo News says the project is an artistic project, and not a real one, according to its website’s terms and conditions. I read them and they are quick to point out that this is concept art that will not be rendered in real life. However, the site does try to collect “donor” data and they advertise a list of donors on their site. They then appear to publish anonymous donor details like this, race, country of origin, lifestyle and diet, an expiry date and cooking instructions (aspirated) in case you’re not a raw lover!

I love art as much as the next girl, but this isn’t art, it’s evil. And check out the other “arty” stuff going on these days, like Marina Abramovic’s wicked works involving blood, human bones, cannibalism, spirit cooking, and more. It sure gives me the heebie jeebies. Oh, and I should also mention the “artistic” Balenciaga ads, which I wrote about here.

Some say this “art” is done for shock factor. Could it be, or is it more than that? After all, the makers of Soylent Green made their point 50 years ago. More recently, Swedish scientist Magnus Söderlund gave a lecture on the need for cannibalism to save the planet. Blaming the agricultural industry for the unnecessary warming of the Earth, their solution was to make dead bodies the food of the future.

If you disagree with Söderlund and the idea of ​​handing your body over to the buffet line isn’t in your cards, fear not, because human compost is here. Yes, climate “experts” say death has a huge carbon footprint and they want to compost your body, just like kitchen scraps like banana peels and eggshells. Human composting goes by kinder, gentler names like natural organic reduction and involves placing the dead body in a container along with biodegradable materials that turn the person into nutrient-dense soil.

Human composting is actually legal in six states, with Washington state the first to legalize the practice, and New York state becoming the latest by the end of 2022. Oregon, California, Vermont and Colorado round out the group .

Naturally, proponents of the practice want it to slow the climate crisis. Death itself leaves a carbon footprint, and the body takes too long in a coffin to decay, they claim. And you certainly don’t want to choose cremation because it requires so much fossil fuel; they say that a body emits 418 pounds of carbon dioxide during the cremation process. That’s like driving almost 500 miles in a car. Aegadians!

The company ‘Recompose’ became our country’s first human composting facility in December 2020. The founder came up with the idea of ​​livestock mortality composting, where farm animals are recycled into the earth. They use an 8-by-4-foot steel cylinder and place the body on a bed of straw, alfalfa and wood chips. Beneficial microbes thrive and voila! – in 120 days you have a cubic yard of soil. Recompose has processed more than 200 bodies in two years. It’s cheaper, it’s greener, what’s not to like? Most people are candidates, except for people who died of tuberculosis, Ebola, or prion disease.

In conclusion, isn’t this taking climate change a bit too far? First, there is no vigorous scientific debate about the actual degree of climate “crisis” we are experiencing. Like the vaccine debate, the extreme left has hijacked the climate debate. There is a climate crisis and we need to eat people to fix it. period No scientific debate. End of discussion. Most importantly, we are human beings and more than a few may strongly believe that these practices are a gross desecration of the human body. Many abominations are being done in the name of climate change, but these plans may have a more sinister origin and purpose. Whatever the motivation, eating people to reduce global warming is NOT the answer.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She is a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is an experienced medical writer and researcher who fights for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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