Starburst is pushing biometric identification to access its candies – the truth without silence

(for Nicole Rodrigues | Design Taxi)Starburst wants you to put your needs above all else with a biometric safe that keeps your candied treasures literally under lock and key.

The brand is encouraging a bit of a selfish trend by selling the first non-shareable bag of Starburst. The All Pink ‘Un-Share’ pack ditches the traditional plastic packaging and replaces it with a safe that can only be opened with the holder’s fingerprint.

Image via Starburst / PR Newswire

Access to the candy box, created by MyCube Safe, can only be unlocked on the Starburst website, where you’ll ironically share what you love most about the snack.

According to parent company Mars, the candy is taking a “me first” approach to its practices by encouraging Starburst fans to look inward and do what makes them happy. Maybe, just maybe, hiding candy from our eagle-eyed relatives or housemates might be the self-care we all need. Read the full article >

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