Rockefeller Foundation Funds Behavioral Science Collective to Create More Compelling COVID Vaxx Narratives – Truth Unmuted

(by Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge) – In another sign that the globalist institutions’ covid vaccination agenda has not worked as well as they had initially hoped, the Rockefeller Foundation has revealed that (along with other non-profits) it has been pumping in millions of dollars in a behavioral science. project sought to find out why large groups of people around the world refuse to take the jab.

The “Mercury Project” is a collective of behavioral scientists formed by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), a non-profit group that receives considerable funding from globalist organizations and governments. Project goals are not specific, using ambiguous language and mission statements. However, the root intentions seem to focus on using behavioral psychology and elements of mass psychology to understand global resistance to recent covid compliance efforts.

Mercury teams will be deployed to various nations and regions and study vaccine refusal and the medical “misinformation” that leads to it. They are operating with the intention of adapting vaccination narratives to suit different ethnic and political backgrounds, looking for the key to the gates of each cultural realm and convincing them to take the jab.

The Rockefeller Foundation and the SSRC note:

“Following the characterization of inaccurate health information by the US Surgeon General as an ‘urgent threat’ and by the World Health Organization as an ‘infodemic,’ the SSRC issued a call for proposals to counter the growing global threats to public health – and misinformation and low vaccination rates against Covid-19, and received nearly 200 submissions from around the world.

…With the prevalence and rapid evolution of Covid-19 everywhere, there is an urgent need to identify interventions with the potential to increase vaccination uptake.”

The SSRC and the Mercury Project receive funding not only from foundations, but also from government institutions. In June 2022, Project Mercury received another $20 million from the National Science Foundation, which claims to be an “independent” agency of the United States government. In other words, manufacturing effective covid propaganda is becoming a money train for the small groups of behavioral researchers and psychologists who get on board.

The purpose of the NSF partnership with the Mercury Project is described on the SSRC website:

“This innovative partnership will support research teams seeking to evaluate online or offline interventions to increase demand for Covid-19 vaccinations and other positive health behaviors, including by targeting producers and/or consumers of ‘inaccurate health information and/or increasing reliance on reliable health information.’

Project Mercury lists these points as focuses:

“Funded projects will provide evidence of what works and what does not work in specific locations and for specific groups to scale up vaccination against Covid-19, including what is feasible on the ground and has the potential to be cost-effective at scale. Each of the 12 teams will have access to the other teams’ findings as they explore interventions that include, but are not limited to:

Conducting literacy training for secondary school students in partnership with local authorities to help students identify misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Equip trusted messengers with communication strategies to increase demand for vaccination against Covid-19.

Using social media to share tailored, community-developed messages to increase demand for Covid-19 vaccination.”

In other words, their focus is propaganda, propaganda and propaganda. The very basis of Project Mercury’s existence presupposes that individuals cannot be trusted to make up their own minds about the information they are exposed to, and must be molded to accept the master narrative. It also assumes that general or establishment information is always reliable and unbiased.

The widespread failure to comply with covid vaccination mandates despite extensive government pressure is perhaps one of the most underappreciated events of the past century. It is likely the reason why the political elites and corporate media went from a non-stop fear campaign against the public to barely mentioning covid in a matter of weeks. It was as if the population was subjected to two years of waterboarding and then one day the torture simply stopped without explanation.

If vaccine passport laws were implemented in Western nations on the scale that governments and globalists are demanding, the last vestiges of personal freedom would now be permanently erased. All individual rights would become privileges granted by the authorities and contingent upon your submission to whatever covid booster shots or medical procedures are in vogue at the time. Think about it: If they got what they wanted, the west would look exactly like China does right now, or worse, no economic participation without an updated covid pass.

And, the threat still lingers. Why the Mercury Project feels the need to write vaccine propaganda for a virus with an average 0.23% death rate from infection is unexplained. And, if the vaccination numbers from agencies like the CDC are accurate, then the population has already achieved herd immunity anyway (maybe their numbers aren’t accurate?). Why are globalist groups so obsessed with 100% covid vaccination? This is never explained.

They say it’s about saving lives, but if only 0.23% of people on average are at risk, regardless of whether they’re vaccinated or not, public health isn’t really a credible explanation. It seems that the purpose of Project Mercury is more to influence people to vaccinate in spite of science than in the name of science.

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