New scare tactic: Don’t fall for the fall COVID

Once again, we are being tortured by the mainstream media. We are being bombarded with articles about the scary new dominant variant of COVID.

The CDC is calling it the summer surge of BA.2.86, a highly mutated form of the SARS-COV-2 virus that has been detected in the US, Denmark and Israel. This new lineage is said to carry 36 mutations from the current dominant variant XBB.1.5. Maybe 36 variants will scare us. After all, the tension aimed at children didn’t lead to fear as intended, so now we have this one.

Don’t worry, the CDC is on the case, tracking every twist and turn of the new variant. So is the World Health Organization (WHO). There is no evidence that the latter variant causes more illness, hospitalization or death than the earlier variants. In fact, as of August 14, there were only 6 documented cases worldwide: 1 US (in Michigan), 1 UK, 1 Israel, and 3 in Denmark (the first case was detected on July 24). Hardly a new pandemic. A report claims that only four cases identified until August 17.

BA.2.86 is different from EG.5, a descendant of the Omicron strain, and better known as the Eris subvariant. For EG.5, Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos and discord. As an aside, Eris was a character in the 2003 animated film Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Michelle Pfeiffer voiced the character and I also found it interesting that Sinbad’s ship was called The Chimera. A chimera is a substance, such as an antibody, created from proteins or genes from two different species. Sound familiar?

However, Eris barely made a splash with the public when stories of infections and hospitalizations emerged in the US, Europe and Asia. Here’s the truth about hospitalizations: They were at record lows in June 2023, so a 40% increase from that isn’t earth-shattering. And overall, hospitalizations are more than 90% below Omicron’s January 2022 peak “outbreak” levels, and that’s according to the CDC’s own data.

Eris was a big nothing burger so now the powers have moved to BA.2.86? Of course, BA.2.86 comes from a different branch of the coronavirus not targeted by current vaccines, so we need new vaccines or updated vaccines that cover this particular variant. Health authorities are very concerned that many countries have drastically reduced testing, which of course hampers efforts to analyze the new BA.2.86 genomes. Maybe you have it and don’t even know it. Aegadians!

The powers that be are all worried and all say the trajectory doesn’t look good right now. They’re citing the speed at which new cases are being identified, but they’ve also just told us that there are only six (or four) cases. The usual narrative of an increase in hospitalizations is still in play, but as we already know, in the past everything was counted as a hospitalization for COVID. Why would it be different now?

What’s going on? The narrative does not move. While fear over a lack of testing is rampant, the CDC says they are more prepared than ever to test this new lineage and respond to variants of COVID-19. what gives

Is it possible that the narrative is being created to push for a new round of C-19 strikes? Of course it is. In fact, Moderna has a new and improved booster ready for the fall. Moderna uses all the right buzzwords to sell its latest products. This jab has neutralizing properties! This is jab #6. Jabs 1-4 were mRNAs and were protected under the long-expired (US) Emergency Use Authorization. Jab 5 is omicron’s booster jab, released last fall, and still under US despite its massive failure. Isn’t it interesting that Eris is still in play as an omicron variant? Could this be to keep the US and this product in play?

Not to be outdone by Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech and Novavax also have jabs ready for fall launch. However, many virologists expect Eris to disappear by early fall, so this boost will be irrelevant in six weeks. Just say no!

In fact, it seems that a lot of people are actually saying “no”. In 2021, about 73 percent (240 million) of people were hit at least once when they first came out. A year ago, in the fall of 2022, vaccine demand fell dramatically, with fewer than 50 million people receiving the shot. In fact, the makers of the COVID-19 vaccines have already said they expect less-than-stellar sales this fall. Last year, Pfizer and Moderna had sales of $56 billion worldwide, but this year they are expected to be only $20 billion. Pfizer, the largest maker of mRNA shots, has already warned it may have to cut jobs. What a shame.

Virologist Jesse Bloom says the new variant will likely have an even greater escape from antibodies than XBB.1.5, so any vaccine developed will be useless. Bloom suspects that BA.2.86 is less transmissible than any current dominant variant and is therefore not suspected of spreading widely.

I found it interesting that Kaiser Family Foundation spokeswoman Ashley Kirzinger said in an interview with the New York Post that health care providers “will battle declining concern about the virus, as well as fatigue and skepticism on the merits of this vaccine.” Fight? Interesting choice of words. Why not educate? Kirzinger said public health officials will have to make the case to the American public that COVID is not over and still poses a risk to them. But hasn’t that always been true? Public health officials must always make the case, and perhaps truth and education is a better approach than fighting the public.

After the COVID health emergency ended, the government largely turned over COVID care to the private sector. Does the government regret this decision? New CDC Director Mandy Cohen reminds everyone that the new fall shots still need to be cleared by the FDA and recommended by the CDC. These will be licensed just like the others, with little or no clinical trials and masking of adverse event data. Why should we expect anything different? Cohen also said Americans should consider vaccinations “an annual measure to protect yourself, along with the annual flu shot.” And there it is. Interestingly, Cohen says he’s not seeing major changes in the variants: “They’re still susceptible to our vaccine, they’re still susceptible to our drugs, they’re still picked up by the tests.”

How convenient And indeed, Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and Novovax have created versions of this COVID vaccine to try to match the variants they expect to be circulating this fall. Just like the flu shot, which is largely successful. Conveniently, they say the fall shots are aimed at XBB.1.5, EG.5, and another subline of the ever-dominant Omicron strain. They’ve covered all the bases.

Is the new variant a way for Resident Biden to shut us all down again? It sure seems like it, as the mainstream media beats their war drum. Conveniently, Biden just established the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Policy Response (OPPR). The X22 report has some interesting details on this, but I wanted to highlight a couple of key points. First, the OPPR will take over the roles of the current COVID-19 Response Team and the Mpox Team. Why on God’s green earth do we need an MPox kit? How much of our tax payers money goes to this? Second, the press release uses the usual political rhetoric: “to ensure that our country is more prepared for a pandemic than we were when he (Biden) took office.” Yes, true. Third, the OPPR is a permanent office. Because? Because they never think to end the fear of the next pandemic, that’s why.

Alex Jones reported this week that TSA and Border Patrol (CBP) officials leaked that Biden is setting the stage for a total COVID lockdown this fall. They’ll start out the same as last time, with incremental changes like masking. Remember “two weeks to stop the spread?”

Whistleblowers said it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” By mid-October, we will probably be in full masking and blocking. Time to stand up and call out the true variant of COVID BS.24.7. We won’t take it this time. As Dr. Tenpenny said in her Sunday Substack, here we go again. Don’t fall for this. do not comply


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She is a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is an experienced medical writer and researcher who fights for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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