My Congresscritter Is Wrong: Open Source Truth

NJ Rep. Gottheimer doesn’t get it
Or maybe choose not to understand…

I sent our most recent action, supporting US withdrawal from the WHO, to my Congresscritter. His staff misread the letter, or perhaps didn’t read it at all. You can take action and read this letter here:

So I responded to Rep. Gottheimer (his letter is below mine).

Dear Deputy Gottheimer,

I note your email misrepresenting my position on WHO and US responses to the “new” outbreak of COVID.

I do not support the international response to COVID: lockdowns, masking and emergency use authorization (or any) “vaccine” mandates.

As the President of the Institute for Health Research, a renowned NGO founded in 1998, I am strongly against the response and against the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), proposed by the US delegation without the congressional oversight. Changes to the IHR would endanger US sovereignty. You have sworn to defend this sovereignty.

In addition, the separately proposed Pandemic Response Treaty would also relinquish national sovereignty whenever the Director-General declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (a PHEIC, pronounced “false”).

I urge you to support Rep. Biggs’ HR 7931, which would withdraw the US from the WHO.

And while you’re at it, how about a public pledge of support for the universal right to informed consent? This fundamental right is under concerted globalist attack for the first time since the right was enshrined in international law during the subsequent Nuremberg trials of Nazi doctors for violating informed consent. Here is a link to a paper on the history and legality of informed consent that I delivered at the Libertarian Scholars Conference (held at King’s College, Manhattan, October 2019).

Our district asks you for protection against all government violations of personal liberty, whether in the name of “safety” or “health” or any other excuse.


Ralph Fucetola JD

President of the Institute


Here is Gotheimer’s letter.

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