mRNA contamination of the food supply: existential threat to human and animal life

Veterinary experts warn we face an existential threat to the survival of human and animal life with Big Pharma’s plans underway to push experimental mRNA vaccines onto the veterinary market, including all animals used for food for humans as well as domestic animals. These gene therapy agents, which not only carry mRNA of unknown potential damage, but are also contaminated with plasmid DNA and contain highly toxic lipid nanoparticles, threaten life in all species into which these unsafe, toxic products are injected and poorly manufactured that do not have adequate safety or efficacy studies. . And the latest threat to our food supply? SHRIMP are next in line for mRNA

Our guest today is a vet from the UK Roger Meacock, BVSc, MRCVS who is the lead author of the Open Letter of Concern to US and UK regulatory authorities warning that these technologies pose a serious risk to animal and human survival and documenting the mechanisms of harm. In today’s interview, Inside Pharma expert Hedley Rees and Dr Vliet discuss with Roger Meacock the details of the Open Letter, in particular the potential impacts on the human food supply will be explored , to add to the already horrific effects of SARS. -Injections of CoV-2 unfolded at breakneck speed.

You can read the full warnings in the Open Letter here,

Download the full official letter with expert signatories here: Open Letter of Concern and share it with your network to spur action with public health officials to prevent further contamination of our food and veterinary product supply for our pets

For more information, visit Roger Meacock’s website. This is a wealth of information on these risks, including a video presentation on lipid nanoparticle toxicity by Christie Grace, an RNA and lipid nanoparticle specialist and former project leader at the leading plasmid company in the world that manufactures recombinant proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, CRISPR, SpCas9, gene editing and IVT mRNA production. For two years, Christie has raised the alarm about the harm that lipid nanoparticles can cause and has concerns about cold chain management, quality assurance/control of vaccine production and lack of willingness of the medical community to look at the scientific data.

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Roger Meacock BVSc, MRCVS, is a Veterinarian in the UK graduated from the University of Bristol with a Batchelor of Veterinary Science degree in 1992 and went into agricultural practice, then farm and equine where he encountered first-hand the disease “mad cow” (bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE). His experience with BSE in the 1990s, and the realization that not only the spike protein promotes prion and protein misfolding diseases, stimulated his research into the situation of mRNA in veterinary medicine. His concern over the US launch of Sequiivity’s mRNA product in pigs in 2018 made him realize that there is an existential threat to the animals with potentially dire implications for the food chains for human pets and carnivores. In July 2023, Meacock wrote an open letter of concern to the UK Veterinary Medicines Directive that the amount of UK meat products being exported/imported worldwide means that the widespread use of mRNA in animals can have international implications.

Roger realized that COVID was getting blown out of proportion very early on and started following developments to understand spike protein and mRNA gene technology in general. In 1997 he attended the first Scenar training given by the Russian inventors and doctors in the UK and subsequently became the first vet in the world to use Scenar routinely. He had been trained to treat people, so he began to treat people like a human practitioner. In the early 2000s, he added bioresonance and stopped conventional veterinary work to concentrate on using techniques developed for animals. The predominant work at present is musculoskeletal treatments for horses, dogs and people, but also more serious medical conditions such as cancers and ‘mystery’ conditions.

Hedley Rees, based in the United Kingdom. Mr. Rees has been consulting in the development, manufacture and distribution of drugs that fully comply with the GMP requirements of 21 CFR Title 21, since 2005 through his company, PharmaFlow. Prior to this, he spent 16 years in senior roles in Big Pharma (Bayer) and 10 years in biotech (British Biotech, Vernalis and OSI Pharmaceuticals (now Astellas). Mr. Rees also authored Supply Chain Management in the Drug Industry: Delivering Patient Value for Pharmaceuticals and Biologics for Wiley, NJ in 2011. His expertise is in the area of ​​anything to do with manufacturing through all three phases of clinical trials (and preclinical if necessary) and the continued distribution of the commercial supply. , has a duty to bring this to the attention of regulators, as has been the case with frozen vials of COVID vaccinations that were shipped only halfway.

Hedley joins the Truth for Health Foundation team:

Follow Hedley Rees in her Substack column, INSIDE PHARMA, where she shares everything she can to expose the lies and deceptions that are costing lives and endangering public safety. Watch one of his many interviews here:

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