More evidence FDA works for Pfizer as FDA asks Pfizer to send cancer drug for extended approval with zero new trials – Truth Unmuted

(by Brian Shilhavy | Vaccine Impact) – As the alternative media is distracted by the baseless claim that Pfizer is using gain-of-function technology to develop new variants of COVID for future vaccines, Pfizer is quietly working with the FDA to build its pipeline of drugs to make up for the loss of income due to the decline in the number of people willing to continue injecting themselves with COVID vaccinations.

The evidence that Pfizer controls the FDA continues to mount.

We previously reported how Pfizer came from virtually nowhere to get the first FDA clearance for experimental COVID injections in 2020, when the two drug companies that had received the most funding and attention became the first to get FDA approval for a new COVID. “vaccine” had been Moderna, with its close ties to Anthony Fauci and the NIH, and Astrazenca with its close ties to Bill Gates.

Pfizer’s contract with Operation Warp Speed ​​to receive funding for the COVID-19 vaccines was different from other drug companies’ because it was conditional on them getting FDA approval and did not include rights to intellectual property for the US government.

This appears to have opened the door for them to grant an exclusive deal with Israel in exchange for data on how the experimental shots affected the people of Israel, effectively turning Israel and its citizens into lab rats. I will see:

Trump Claims He Could ‘Easily’ Be Israeli Prime Minister: Is This Why Pfizer Got First US COVID Vaccine Authorization And Exclusive Rights In Israel?

And a year before Pfizer became a late entrant in the race to get the first FDA clearance for a COVID vaccine, Dr. Scott Gottlieb joined Pfizer’s Board of Directors in June 2019, only two months after ending his term as FDA commissioner under President Trump.

A year later, Operation Warp Speed ​​awarded Pfizer nearly $2 billion to develop the COVID shot. I will see:

Former FDA director Gottlieb, now Pfizer board member, pledges $1.95 billion for COVID vaccine

This week, Pfizer reported that they expect sales of its COVID-19 vaccinations and its antiviral Paxlovid to decline dramatically here in 2023:

Despite a plan to raise Comirnaty’s price to between $110 and $130 per dose when the U.S. moves to a commercial model for COVID-19 vaccines this year, Pfizer expects vaccine revenue to drop 64% in 2023.

Pfizer also expects a 58% decline in revenue from the oral COVID-19 antiviral Paxlovid. The company revealed its 2023 guidance on Tuesday in its fourth quarter and 2022 earnings report.

With the declines, Pfizer is targeting a revenue window of $67 billion to $71 billion in 2023.

The projections, which fell short of analysts’ expectations, dampened what could have been a day of celebration, as Pfizer reported revenue of $100.3 billion in 2022, after generating $81.3 billion in sales in 2021. (Source).

But what surprised people in the pharmaceutical industry the most about Pfizer’s forecast for 2023 was that in a “mysterious” FDA approval that was not reported to the media in late 2022, Pfizer received a expanded use approval for its breast cancer drug Ibrance. and reportedly the FDA is the one who approached them to expand the use of this drug! Read the full article >

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