Macron tells the plebs to prepare for a future as feudal serfs: the truth without silence

(by Chris Menahan | Release of Information) – You will have nothing and you will be happy.

🇫🇷 Emmanuel #Macron warned of sacrifices in advance and predicted the “end of plenty” at his first cabinet meeting after the summer holidays.

“What we are living through is a time of great upheaval.” ⤵️

— FRANCE 24 English (@France24_en) August 24, 2022

From Lemonde/AFP, “Macron warns France faces ‘sacrifice’ after ‘end of plenty'”:

French President Emmanuel Macron warned on Wednesday that France faced “sacrifices” in a new era marked by climate change and instability brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that signaled “the end of plenty”.

[…] “I think we’re in the process of experiencing a tipping point or a major upheaval. First, because we’re living … the end of what might look like the end of abundance.”

Referring to the war in Ukraine, he added: “Our system based on freedom in which we have become accustomed to living, sometimes when we have to defend it, it can lead to sacrifices.”

Crashing the world economy in the name of “fighting the Russians”, shutting down half of France’s nuclear power plants in the name of “security”, crippling your economy in the name of preventing climate change, heralding the “end of the abundance”. and blame Russia and “climate change” for the inevitable outcome of your own policies.

How stupid does one have to be to go along with this shit?

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