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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Dimensions of life

Lost Arts radio show on Sunday 8/21/22

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We recently rebroadcast our show with renowned brain expert and outspoken vaccine critic, Dr. Andrew Molden. The response was enthusiastic. So we had the idea, why not do more shows with people who are no longer physically alive? After all, we shouldn’t rule out inviting great guests to Lost Arts Radio, just because of a minor problem with their physical body. Once I realized the scope of this huge untapped reservoir of amazing guests for the show, I started exploring the logistics of making it happen. Bottom line: It’s a lot of work for me and Doug. But the resulting shows can be exciting, so we decided to do another one.

For Sunday’s show, I’m very excited to announce that our guest will be the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (www.thekingcenter.org). Yes, we have a few challenging details to take care of, like going back in time, 50 years to be exact. But with the electronic technology available and Doug’s experience in audio and video work for music professionals and others around the world (see what he does at www.diamondisaudio.com), I thought, to what extent point could it be? Well, quite difficult indeed, but we managed. I cannot give you the current website of Dr. King as we do with most guests, told me he had never heard of “the Internet” but try to be there for this show if you can. I think you will find our discussion relevant, even though it comes from the past.

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