LEGAL REPORT: Chemical aerosols of mRNA vaccine from military aircraft Next?

British news recently announced the development of a chemical mRNA vaccine aerosol deployed from military aircraft. International lawyer Todd Callender described this plan that dates back to 2001 and said: “We are witnessing the execution phase of this vector of death and depopulation according to Henry Kissinger’s criteria. December 10, 1974 classified National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200 Implications of World Population Growth for US Security and Foreign Interests (THE KISSINGER REPORT). The Kissinger memorandum has served as their justification since depopulation was agreed in Cairo in 1994 among the many member nations of the UN.”

Today’s alert report also talks about the US government paying Catholic and Protestant churches to hire staff to help in the “resettlement” of illegals in America’s communities, a clear violation of the law and the purposes of our churches as agents of God, not the federal government. . According to Attorney Callender, “Our churches have become one with the state through these public-private partnerships. It’s no longer just tax-exempt, but the government pays them in violation of the Separation Clause of our Constitution. It is important for good people to understand that their churches are now propaganda tools, which explains why so many spiritual people fell for Lucifer’s deception.” For more information, read the COLUMN with this program.

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