“It’s pretty good for the industry to be honest. It’s bad for everyone else in America.”—THE FLCCC News Capsule for January 29, 2023 – FLCCC

You’ve probably seen the headlines by now…and you have questions. We did too. So, we’ll bring you what we know and how we know it here.

“It’s pretty good for the industry to be honest,” Walker told the reporter. “But it’s bad for everyone else in America.”

Oh, good to know, dude. So what you’re saying is that by using “selected structure mutations” (your words, Walker), you can make vaccines more potent…but then you keep doing that year after year to control “nature” (before nature happens) to sell more vaccines into the 90th century and well beyond. Do we have that right?

Walker: “It’s going to be a cash cow. COVID is going to be a cash cow for us going forward.”


But wait! There’s more!

“Gain-of-function” research is not only dangerous, it’s illegal. It’s kind of like pouring gas on the entire earth and lighting a match—because with it comes the very real probability that something could be created, escape the lab, and infect most every person on the planet. (Sound familiar?) That’s probably why Walker was careful to say this wasn’t gain-of-function. It’s just “directed evolution”. See how we did that?

Here is more of what Walker had to say. (And by the way, here’s how we know Walker IS indeed a Pfizer exec— despite those who call him an “alleged” exec. Also, see image below.)

“Well, one of things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it ourselves so we could create preemptively new vaccines, right? So we have to do that. If we’re gonna do that though, there’s a risk of, as you can imagine, no one wants to be having pharma company mutating f**king viruses. You have to be very controlled to make sure that this virus that you mutate doesn’t create something like, you know, that goes everywhere. Which is the way the virus started in Wuhan to be honest. It makes no sense that this virus popped out of nowhere.”

And then there’s this little tidbit:

“Pfizer is a revolving door for government officials. Once they stop being a regulator for our drugs, they want to go to work for the company, they are not going to be as harsh on the company where they’re getting their job.”

Wow. Regulatory capture at its finest. A good example of this is former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who, when he left that job, he moseyed right into the board room at Pfizer. Made himself right at home there like the wolf who’s guarding the henhouse.

There’s no doubt Walker knew he was going to be in hot water by spilling all this tea on a date. So how did he react when Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe confronted him? This, you’ve GOT to see with your own eyes!! He said he lied just to impress a date, called the police, locked James and his colleagues in a restaurant, smashed an iPAD on the ground, and more.)

For brilliantly written context on all of this, please take a few moments to read an outstanding Substack essay written by A Midwestern Doctor. Says the good doctor, “Opening the market for mRNA therapies and permanently establishing another annually required vaccination for all Americans could provide so much future income to the medical industry so it was a foregone conclusion that anything which threatened this outcome would be targeted by every one of our institutions.”

As you may know, the infrastructure to push these vaccines on the entire population is now being rolled out to the entire healthcare system—in lockstep with the FDA’s pivot towards annual COVID-19 vaccinations.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.



Pfizer has just released a statement about the undercover video. In the statement, Pfizer seems to deny having dabbled in either Gain-of-Function or “Directed Evolution” research—goings on that Walker unequivocally disclosed to the undercover reporter. But with surgical precision, Jeff Childers—who writes the “Coffee & COVID” Substack—dissects Pfizer’s statement and peels back the deceptive dermis to reveal the underbelly of what was really said in the pharmaceutical-maker’s statement.

Childers writes: “Pfizer’s statement was packed with lawyerly sleight-of-hand and misdirection. But there are three key admissions, each successively more damning for the pharma company, but obscured by tricky rhetorical legerdemain. Let’s pull the curtain back.”

We’re following this VERY closely. Stay tuned to FLCCC.net. MUCH more to come.

Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer’s Director of Research and Development—Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning

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This week, The Daily Caller published an opinion piece by our Dr. Pierre Kory entitled, “A War Is Still Being Waged Against Doctors Who Question COVID Orthodoxy.”

According to Dr. Kory’s recent Substack summarizing article, he said, “I argue that the new Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government should be ground zero for investigating how the administration is using COVID-19 to wage war on doctors who won’t follow its orthodoxy.”

“Unrelenting reports of people in largely perfect health, out in society doing routine or pleasurable activities and then dropping dead or unconscious, often being captured on television studio sets, auditorium stages, subway platforms, street surveillance cameras, playgrounds, sporting events, athletic fields, and even broadcaster desks. To date, I am not aware of a single newspaper report (even from tiny local papers) which openly implicates the vaccine as a even a possible cause let alone an almost certain one. An unimaginably dystopian nightmare all around us… while society seemingly carries on as normal,” writes Dr. Kory.

Dr. Kory concludes that, “This campaign must be stopped, its origins and evolution must be thoroughly documented, and it must never be allowed to recur. Physician autonomy must be restored lest all patients suffer.”

Dr. Pierre Kory appeared on The Highwire this week to do something he never thought he would have to do: Defend the vaccine injured from journalists and social media posts who have vilified them as “fakers.”

“When are they going to stop?” said Dr. Kory. “This has all the hallmarks of propaganda. The reason they’re doing this is that it is the most convenient way to characterize the millions of people who’ve been injured or died as just making this up. The entire medical system that has propagated and promoted the most toxic medical intervention in history had to find a convenient way to make them go away by discrediting them and saying they are faking their injuries.”

A lot of my patients have experienced spasms, contortions, convulsing, uncontrolled tingling, weakness and numbness. They don’t need to dramatize this. These people are sick. The suffering they have to undergo, and then to have the media gaslight their injuries. This leaves me speechless.”

According to Dr. Aaron Kheriaty on Twitter, a judge just granted a preliminary injunction in the Hoeg v. Newsom lawsuit, the one about  AB 2098—the gag order on California medical providers. This effectively means this terrible law cannot be implemented while the case is being tried. Dr. Kheriaty is one of the plaintiffs.

The law declares that “It shall constitute unprofessional conduct for a physician and surgeon to disseminate misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19, including false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.”

Though this is just a preliminary injunction, Kheriaty has high hopes that he and the other plaintiffs will prevail if the case comes to trial.

“The ruling bodes well for our case: it indicates that our arguments that this law is unconstitutional have strong pre-trial facial plausibility. Not to get ahead of ourselves, of course, or try to predict the final outcome of the case, but this is a very positive development.”

Below is a portion of the judge’s ruling. The entire ruling can be found HERE.

Wednesday’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar, ‘Controlled Narrative: Lawsuit Against the “Trusted News Initiative” (TNI)’, featured host Betsy Ashton in conversation with guests Christine Dolan and Todd Wood from CD Media; and Daniel O’Connor from Trial Site News.

The panel discussed the recent lawsuit filed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and other plaintiffs against the Trusted News Initiative (TNI). According to The Children’s Health Defense, “The TNI exists to, in its own words, “choke off” and “stamp out” online news reporting that the TNI or any of its members peremptorily deems “misinformation.”

The 100-page complaint was filed this month in a US District Court in Texas. The defendants are the BBC, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, and Reuters, among others.

In this week’s edition of Long (COVID) Story Short, our Dr. Been discusses Melatonin and Near Infrared Light and reviews why being in the morning and evening sunlight and being in the green places should be an important part of life. Watch the episode HERE.

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The FLCCC community provided guidance and support for this woman and her husband in bleak times—giving them hope. Watch this uplifting MyStory from Canada HERE.

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