Is Medical Martial Law Coming To Your State? Here’s what you need to know

While stalled for now in New York State, surprisingly, this regulatory framework has already been passed law in Florida, Alaska and Washington State, which have adopted the “Turning Point” model of legislation. Similar initiatives are making their way state by state, and are at different stages of the legislative process.

Today’s Whistleblower Report documents the decades-old legal framework and plans for a militarized medical martial law being rolled out under the cloak of secrecy in the states of America. Attorney Bobbi Anne Cox, Esq. is a brave legal warrior who managed to win a major legal victory to stop the totally secret and unconstitutional forced quarantine indefinite detention regulation enacted by New York Governor Hochul and her Health Department Director appointee.

International attorney Todd Callender, Esq. provides the legal framework for all these draconian quarantine detention measures that began in the 1994 Cairo population accords and the steps to achieve global population reduction through militarized medical martial law and the declaration of an “emergency of public health of international interest”. Then nearly ten years later, the “tipping point” model legislation was developed, giving all 50 states a plan to implement such forced detentions, ostensibly for “quarantine” to prevent the spread of “communicable diseases “.

The language is designed to sound innocuous. In reality, however, this legislation creates quarantine detention with no escape and no procedure. The sinister intention is to usurp the rights of citizens and implement total control over who is detained for “quarantine”, where they are kept and under what conditions and for how long.

Governor Hochul’s “regulation,” which had the force of law and could be enforced by police and sheriffs, had several appallingly Machiavellian provisions:

No proof of contagious disease was required: one would only need to be suspected of having a contagious disease. All doctors in New York were required to report suspected cases of contagious diseases to the authorities so that people would be removed from their homes. a quarantine camp specified and controlled by the state. The state would control all quarantine conditions: where, how long, what contact would be allowed (imagine no cell phone, no internet, no contact with family, etc.) and the duration. No time limit was given.

DrLee4America previously discussed the details of the triumphant New York court victory on the Truth for Health radio show on America Out Loud, available in the podcast archive here: -against-new-york -governors-secret-quarantine-camps/. Assemblyman Christ Tague said, “It is truly appalling that a policy as consequential as this would be heated through the rulemaking process. This policy is intended to forcibly isolate law-abiding citizens and it brings to mind some of the ugliest tyrannical regimes history has ever known. It has no place as law here in New York, let alone anywhere in the United States.” The New York Court’s decision can be read here:

This legal victory provides us all with an inspiring model of what ONE person can do with enough fire and determination to not give up. Attorney Cox was David against the Goliath of all the power of New York State and taxpayer funds, but he won!

We need similar initiatives in Florida, Alaska and Washington state, as well as in other states where this quarantine detention agenda is being secretly developed in each state. Bobbi Anne Cox’s victory in New York gives us hope that we can prevail against the evil and tyrannical agenda being perpetrated in America.

To all of our freedom-loving America Out Loud listeners, please help defeat the tyranny of New York before it spreads to the rest of America – get involved to help these brave defenders of our basic human rights . You can follow the Truth for Health Foundation’s legal initiatives to defend human and civil rights guaranteed by law at

Follow attorney Todd Callender at and attorneys Jamie Scher and Bobbie Anne Cox at and support the quarantine camp lawsuit here: .

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