Is Germany now Venezuela? The shortage of toilet paper is raised in the middle of the energy crisis: the truth without silence

(by Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge) – Driven by the impending energy crisis accelerating across Europe and the refusal of policy makers to accept because “we have to save democracy in Ukraine”. the German paper industry warns of toilet paper supply bottlenecks.

As reports, the paper industry is sounding the alarm: in the event of a gas shortage, it would no longer be possible to produce enough toilet paper.

For Friday “International Day of Toilet Paper”.the German paper industry warns of new bottlenecks.

Martin Krengel, vice-president of the Association “The Paper Industry”, said:

“We depend especially on gas for the production of tissue paper. Without it, we will no longer be able to offer security of supply.”

According to data provided by Die Papierindustrie, each German citizen uses an average of 134 rolls of toilet paper per year.

“In the current energy crisis, our top priority is to provide people with this important commodity.” Krengel stressed.

The last time Germany experienced a toilet paper shortage was at the start of the pandemic, which led to the hoarding.

Are hyperinflated electricity costs and toilet paper shortages a sign of things to come? what next Eating flamingos like Venezuelans?

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