‘If you don’t wear the f***ing mask, you get the f*** out of here!’ School board member repeatedly curses at maskless man during public comment

What are the details?

The man told the Glenbrook High School District 225 Board of Education that he didn’t want to wear a mask to speak because he couldn’t “articulate” well enough while doing so due to a medical reason.

After a prolonged exchange, the maskless man — Mark Weyermuller — quipped that “I have a mask. I can wear the mask on my head if you want.”

With that, board member Joel Taub hollered back, “You can wear your mask on your f***ing balls! If you don’t wear the f***ing mask, you get the f*** out of here!”

At that point, the meeting moderator pounded his gavel and called for a five-minute recess — but Taub continued with his profane rejoinder: “Get him the f*** out of the room if he can’t put his f***ing mask on!”

Taub’s bio on the board website indicates he’s in the middle of his fourth consecutive four-year term, which ends in 2023. Weyermuller — a Chicago realtor who has been publicly opposing mask mandates in area schools — confirmed Wednesday to TheBlaze that Taub was the school board member cursing at him and expressing opposition to him speaking.

Neither the school board, school district, nor Taub immediately replied Wednesday to TheBlaze’s request for comment.

The school board’s website indicates that the district “offers a public education to 5,132 students in Glenview, Northbrook, and portions of unincorporated Northfield Township.” The board lists Glenview as its location, which is about a half hour northwest of Chicago.

‘Are you the mask police?’

Video of the incident shows Weyermuller was wearing a mask over his mouth as he approached the microphone but removed it as he began speaking.

“I’m sorry, sir, sir, sir,” the meeting moderator told him. “I need you to put on your mask.”

Weyermuller replied, “Should I stop my clock? I can’t — President Biden and [Illinois Democratic Gov.] J.B. Pritzker both speak without a mask. … And I do have an exemption. Will you allow me to speak? Please, I’m not going to interrupt you when you speak.”

Here’s how the conversation escalated:

Moderator: I’m sorry, it’s a rule you have to follow. I’m sorry, sir. That’s the rule. You need to keep your mask on.

Weyermuller: I have an exemption. I mean, I don’t want to go into the whole thing about, explain to you. I don’t even know you guys, and I don’t wanna explain my medical situation. And I thought I’d be allowed to speak. Can I restart my clock? I’m at 38 seconds now.

Moderator: You can stop your clock for a second…

Weyermuller: I’m at 41 seconds, and I’m two lines into my speech.

Moderator: We’ll start your clock again. Don’t worry. Don’t worry about your clock for the moment, OK?

Weyermuller: Well, I’m nervous because you’re telling me I can’t speak. I’m ready to speak.

Moderator: We need to have you put on your mask, sir … we have follow the rules.

Weyermuller: I can’t speak with my mask on; I can’t articulate. I have a medical — you’re not gonna honor a medical and religious exemption?

Moderator: If you have a medical exemption, OK. That’s fine, sir.

Weyermuller: I mean, I’m embarrassed. It’s humiliating. So, OK. Can I reset my clock?

Moderator: Just start again. Go ahead, sir.

Weyermuller: I’m resetting to two minutes.

At this point Taub interjects:

Taub: Are you gonna let him speak without a mask?

Moderator: Well, he’s got a medical exemption.

Weyermuller: Now he’s interrupting me. I mean, you guys are rude!

Taub: How do we know? How do we know?

Weyermuller: Do I get to speak or not? Do I get to speak? (gesturing to Taub) Who’s this? Are you the mask police? Can I speak or not?

Moderator: We’ll let you speak, just one moment, please. Mr. Taub, did you have a question?

Weyermuller, referencing Taub: Is he in charge?

Taub to Weyermuller: Are you in charge?

Moderator: No, Mr. Taub…

Weyermuller: I’m speaking. It’s public comment. (to moderator) You said at the beginning of the meeting you would not be rude to people.

Taub to Weyermuller: Are you in charge? Are you in charge? Are you in charge?

Moderator: Enough.

Taub to Weyermuller Are you in charge?

Moderator: Mr. Taub, Mr. Taub.

Weyermuller: We should remove him. I mean, this is rude.

Moderator: We’ll start your two minutes now, sir.

Taub to moderator: This is not what you promised. You said if they don’t wear a mask, they can’t speak.

Masked members of the audience applauded Taub’s remark, and then the exchange continued:

Weyermuller: I have a mask. I can wear the mask on my head if you want. I mean, it’s just —

Taub: You can wear your mask on your f***ing balls! If you don’t wear the f***ing mask, you get the f*** out of here!

Moderator: Enough. Enough. We’re going to take recess for five minutes.

Taub: Get him the f*** out of the room if he can’t put his f***ing mask on!

Moderator: Mr. Taub, please. … Recess for five minutes.

Content warning: rough language

Glenbrook District 225 Board Meeting 02-14-2022 – Member Joel Taub Berates a Speaker for No Maskyoutu.be

Anything else?

Weyermuller added to TheBlaze that Taub’s words were “shocking” and that it was “annoying” that he kept getting interrupted.

Following the recess, Weyermuller resumed speaking to the board — this time wearing his mask — and asked the members to vote on making masks optional in the district. You can view Weyermuller’s additional comments starting at the 38:50 mark here.

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