How to stop the next threat from CBDCs: the truth without silence

(by Catherine Austin Fitts and Carolyn Betts | Solari Report) – Many subscribers and readers of the Solari Report have asked how they can stop the implementation of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) in the US and other countries. It’s important to recognize that there are many things each of us can do to take action. In a highly leveraged financial system like ours, a single individual counts for a lot.

These are the actions that each of us can take:

(1) USE CASH whenever possible, and let everyone know why you use cash. Go out to establishments that refuse to accept cash. When using remote facilities where cash is not possible, use checks if you can. We understand from a subscriber that the check companies are struggling to fill the orders of all the bank customers who have recently requested checks. Whether the indicator is bank statistics or anecdotal reports from our subscribers, the use of cash is clearly on the rise.

(2) ANALOG CULTURE. We want a healthy balance of digital and analog transaction options. What we don’t want is a fully digital system, whether it’s CBDC or all the other digital mechanisms. Some digitization is healthy and efficient, but a fully digital system, as for virtually anything, is vulnerable to centralized control and manipulation. Roll back the use of digital systems, avoid biometric technology as much as possible and don’t use QR codes! Take invasive surveillance systems out of your home. Use wired Internet connections, not Wi-Fi, and look for other ways to loosen technology’s grip on your mind. While you’re at it, refuse to use or support vaccine passports (see 22 Ways to Stop Vaccine ID Passports).

(3) SEEK INTEGRITY. Do transactions with people of integrity, even if it seems to cost more. In the end, fraudsters and others who contribute to unhealthy systems through their own greed or lust for power cause incalculable losses. All these small expenses related to transactions with integrity can end up saving lives if the alternative is holding assets in Madoff and Lehman Brothers.

(4) BENCH ON AN INTIMATE SCALE. Find a good local, well-run bank or credit union for your banking business (see How to Find a Good Local Bank). Talk to your bankers to educate them about the dangers to you and the bank of a CBDC system. See our template letter, which you can share with your bank, modifying it to include your individual circumstances and CBDC-related concerns.

(5) FUND YOUR FRIENDS, NOT YOUR ENEMIES. Start reducing your number of online and digital financial transactions and, whenever possible, stop relying on or investing in fintech and credit card companies that finance and promote digital IDs, health or vaccine passports, and CBDC. Funding your local farmer or agricultural distribution service may not seem like a huge moneymaker, but it means you’ll have a better chance of not being cornered for eating bugs and lab meat.

(6) SUPPORT FOR STATE OFFICIALS THAT SUPPORT FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Ask your state legislators to start a sovereign state bank like the Bank of North Dakota to protect your right to free financial transactions. Make sure it’s a sovereign bank that supports (and doesn’t and can’t compete with) private community banks and credit unions, and help ensure they can offer free private financial transactions.

While you’re at it, ask them to start a state bullion repository. Then, worst case scenario, you can use your gold and silver as local currency (if your state has been smart enough to cancel the sales tax on precious metals; if not, that’s another matter to be raised with state legislators).

7) DEMAND THE NEW YORK FED TO RESPOND. Write and call your congressional representatives:

Tell each representative that you are a constituent and that you want them to take the following actions, whether through legislation, denial of funding, or other available means they can apply:

—Order an audit of the New York Fed (which is the depository of the US government and acts as an agent of the US government in its financial affairs).

—Insist that government agencies that have not produced audits required by law, such as the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the US Treasury produce clean audited financial statements yearly

—Traces where the $21 trillion in funds missing from US government accounts have ended up as part of the New York Fed, Treasury, DOD and HUD audits.

—Provide for the return of the missing money to the US Treasury.

Clearly communicate that Congressional representatives must not pass any legislation or grant the Fed (especially the New York Fed) more power or funding until the Fed is audited, transparent, and accountable, and returns all illegal transactions. legal in US government accounts. held by it or its member banks. Congress should not accept any argument that the executive branch has the authority to proceed with the institution of CBDCs without Congressional approval.

Note that $21 trillion equals $65,000 per person in the US. Also note that the amounts missing after FY 2015 are not yet known.

[For those who would like to learn about the organization of the US central banking system, see The History and Organization of the Federal Reserve] For more on the $21 trillion missing from the US government accounts and what it means for investors, see Solari’s Missing Money and our Missing Money Wrap Up.]

(8) ASK US TO LEAVE WHO. Also ask your representatives in Congress to end America’s membership in the World Health Organization (WHO) and to stop funding the WHO with our tax dollars. The WHO, among other unacceptable actions, is using the health system to institute vaccine passports, which is simply a way to achieve the authentication system needed for CBDCs and space control.

A letter template is available here for use in writing a letter to your representatives about pending amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations.

(9) NO TO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. In terms of taxation, the CBDC is a way of implementing taxation without representation. Ask all your federal and state representatives and everyone you know before you pay your taxes on April 15th why we should pay our taxes when (a) $21 trillion, or $65,000 per person in the US, in government coffers and (b) the US government has adopted a system in which government books are prepared using Statement 56 of the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board.

(10) NOTICE TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. People need to know what central banks are planning so they too can take action now. Send these four videos to your friends and family who want to be free.

(11) DON’T LET THE PROPAGANDA CONVINCE YOU. CBDCs are fine. Educate yourself about the propaganda tactics used to sell things that are not of your interest.

(12) CELEBRATE THE OPPORTUNITY. Decentralizing financial power can significantly improve our economy. It is a serious opportunity if we can seize it. Join interested neighbors and explore hands-on opportunities, especially around fresh local food. If we grow our own food supply, it will be much harder for the bankers to control the transaction system. Start a Solar Circle if you want to defend each other and take local actions together.

Central banks are pushing for central control; they believe that if they don’t, they will lose control. Since they provide no essential functions and their exercise of control is exceptionally harmful and costly, this could be very good for both our freedom and our pockets.

The opportunity depends on our leadership. So start leading where you can and how you can. You never know what can happen until you try! Have more great suggestions? Subscribers can post in the comments below.

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