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The COVID World post date: January 13th, 2022

Police in Italy have arrested a nurse on charges that he faked giving out COVID-19 jabs so that people could obtain a health pass fraudulently.

The man in Ancona, on Italy’s eastern coast, was caught on video discarding vaccines into a container, with people paying 400 Euros (~450 US dollars) in exchange for injection with an empty syringe.

The nurse, who has not been identified, ditched the syringe’s contents in a trash bin before injecting his customers at the main COVID vaccination hub of Ancona.

Local police said the nurse discarded vaccines into a container for used needles and even put bandages on his customer’s arms to avoid suspicion. He later took money from them to provide them with a vaccination pass.

Four alleged accomplices of the nurse were placed under house arrest as they are accused of finding “anti-vaccine customers” who were willing to pay for a health pass rather than get the shots.

The group working at the main vaccination hub in Ancona earned around $20,000 through the operation by faking at least 45 certificates. Unvaccinated Italians travelled from all over the country to seek a health pass at the center, according to the local police.

The group is accused of corruption, falsifying information and embezzlement, though police added that the fraudulent vaccination scheme also wasted a “fundamental public resource.

The suspected nurse puts a bandaid on a customer’s arm.

There have been several cases of nurses in Italy administering fake injections including last month when Anna Maria Lo Brano was arrested after she was caught on hidden camera dumping contents of the syringes in a tissue.

Italy has cracked down increasingly hard on the unvaccinated, with the country on Monday banning unvaccinated people from public transport, outdoor dining, sports centers and more until at least March 31st of this year. The draconian measures have made citizens in the country increasingly desperate to obtain a ‘health pass‘.

You can watch the hidden camera footage below:

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