German Politicians Pushed ‘Covid Shots’ For Children

Aside from the tradition of doctors recommending vaccines to patients based on medical need, why did German politicians in the summer of 2021 press hard on regulators and public health officials to vaccinate young children who were not in risk of getting a covid disease? Why do they continue to push so hard to vaccinate children, when the data shows an alarming increase in the deaths of healthy children and young adults in Germany and all highly vaccinated western countries? Who is orchestrating this political agenda causing so much damage, and why? Our international team of experts explores this, as well as the recently published summary of deaths in healthy young women and a new increase in cancer deaths reported by Dr. William Makis, Canadian researcher and clinical oncologist. Our experts also discuss the multi-pronged political assault on all our freedoms as the push to force mandatory vaccination with mRNA products linked to digital identification linked to central bank digital currency intensifies.

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