Gates Foundation Increases Funding for Digital ID Projects – Truth Unmuted

(by Ken Macon | Reclaim The Net) – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has increased its investment in digital ID projects through part of a $1.27 billion package to support “global health and development projects.” Part of the funding, $200 million, will go towards digital public infrastructure, including civil registration databases and digital identification.

The announcement followed the annual ‘Gatekeepers Report’, an annual assessment report on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN Sustainable Development Goals). The UN set a target (goal 16.9) for a global legal identity by 2030, and the report said the world will miss that deadline. A podcast about the plans is available here.

To achieve this goal, digital identity programs are supposedly needed.

The 2019 Gatekeeper Report promoted biometrics as one of the technologies needed for the equitable redistribution of resources in developing countries.

The $200 million will also support data exchange systems and interoperable payment systems.

The Gates Foundation supports several programs related to digital identification, including MOSIP, an open source digital identification platform.

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