FREEDOM REPORT: Aussie patriot takes on WEF autonomous police

Did you know that Melbourne, formerly Free Australia, signed agreements with the World Economic Forum for Autonomous Policing of the WEF, not subject to customary law in Australia? This Melbourne WEF Police are the same police who have been chasing, harassing, harassing, arresting, jailing and prosecuting a Melbourne business owner and minister for simply exercising his Charter rights to keep his business open for the blockage This is a shocking whistleblower report that describes the abuses and demonic tyranny that may be coming to America if we do not join our fellow patriots in exposing evil and standing up to this assault on God’s gift of freedom and on our lives .

Nick Patterson is a former professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter for over ten years, ranked number one in Australia in 2 weight classes and won state, national and South Pacific championships. Until the abuses of the WEF Autonomous Police during the COVID lockdown, Nick was an entrepreneur and successful gym owner for twelve years. He refused to close during the COVID lockdown and was the first business owner in Victoria, Australia to go public. The police came to his gym several times to intimidate him into closing, which he refused to do. Nick recorded these interactions and his videos went VIRAL with millions of views. In further stalking and harassment, Nick had the police come to his house several times a night for no apparent reason, scaring his wife and five children.

Over the past three years, Nick has been attacked, beaten, arrested, jailed for 29 days, fined, prosecuted, harassed, harassed, bailed out, silenced, censored, banned, and subsequently the Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube accounts of Nick were all permanently disabled without being able to appeal this decision.

Nick bravely led huge protests here in Victoria, Australia – at one point he brought over 30,000 people to police headquarters to inform the police that they were acting under orders, which is against the law that the police Australian enforces the government’s instructions.

Years ago, Nick worked with Veterans on Patrol (VOP) in Arizona, USA to help expose and stop the underground network of child trafficking back and forth across the US-Mexico border. As a result of doing the right thing to save children and expose evil, Nick is now banned from entering the US for his involvement with the VOP.

Nick is also a man of God and has been leading a ministry for several years. He and his wife have also homeschooled their five children.

Nick’s trial was supposed to be held in November 2022. At the last minute, it was changed to June 1, 2023. The day after the first video was released, Nick’s campaign for expose this evil attack on freedom. The trial date was changed again, this time to June 2, 2023. And then, a couple of days later, the courts moved it back to August 28, 2023. His supporters include senators, former police , independent media, fight for freedom. social media influencers, Australian veterans, farmers, Australian peacekeepers and many others.

Here is a short 25 minute video that tells Nick’s story of the event leading up to his next big trial.

Here’s the first campaign trailer we’ve released to support this upcoming test.

Here is the second campaign trailer released for this upcoming test.

Nick can only be found in

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