Faith over Fear – 14.11.23 -: Repurposed drugs and innovative treatments your doctor isn’t telling you about.

“Turbo Cancer” is the name coined by the Canadian clinical oncologist and researcher Dr. William Makis for the fast-onset, aggressive, fast-growing cancers that have emerged since the launch of the COVID shots. These new forms of cancer have not responded to traditional treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and, more alarmingly, they are emerging in younger and healthier people than we have ever seen before. Most cancer treatment specialists seem to ignore this new medical phenomenon, but Dr. William Makis has been tirelessly sounding the alarm. He stands out as one of the few doctors to report cases and conduct thorough scientific research into the factors that cause or contribute to this potentially fatal effect of Covid mRNA inoculations.

Dr. Vliet and Kathy Kresnik have created this new six-part series to explore the research of Dr. Makis and others on this alarming increase in aggressive cancers in the wake of the Covid pandemic and widespread vaccinations. We will delve into the many innovative cancer treatments and repurposed drugs, such as ivermectin, fenbendazole, hydroxychloroquine, bee venom, and others that are ignored in traditional cancer care. Our first program will explore ivermectin and its role in cancer therapy as well as other medical conditions. We also review the six classes of injury from Covid disease and vaccines to the body and how chronic underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and many others have accelerated the damage and are causing early deaths.

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