Examine The Evidence-A Rebuttal to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) vaccinepapers.org

This document provides a rebuttal to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) statement on vaccine safety. It also includes a list of the most important papers cited here. Descriptions and key quotes are provided for each paper. 11 pages.

Vaccine Dangers: Examine the Evidence

This document describes 29 studies, on these topics:
Healthy User Bias: 4 studies
Aluminum adjuvant toxicity and transport: 8 studies
Immune activation brain injury: 17 studies

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Statement
The AAP circulates a statement on vaccine safety. The primary focus is autism. The statement includes descriptions of vaccine safety studies, mostly on MMR and thimerosal. It was last updated in 2013.

AAP statement: Vaccine Safety: Examine the Evidence

42 studies are described, on the following topics:

MMR/measles vaccine and autism: 25 studies
Thimerosal/mercury: 9 studies
Review papers: 3 (mostly on MMR and thimerosal)
Vaccines and metabolism: 1 (Klein 2011)
Vaccine timing and number: 1 (Smith and Woods, 2010)
Vaccine antigen exposure: 1 (DeStefano 2013)
Autism-GI disorders: 1 (Black, 2002)
Parental reports of autism triggers: 1 (Lingam, 2003)

The AAP statement does not mention aluminum adjuvant or immune activation. There are no studies comparing vaccinated with the unvaccinated (100% unvaccinated). There is one study looking at the timing of vaccine exposure (Smith and Woods 2010, reviewed here: http://vaccinepapers.org/critical-review-smith-2010-pediatrics-journal/).

Concerns about brain injury from Al adjuvant and immune activation are not mentioned, despite the fact that the dangers of both were known several years prior to 2013. The AAP has had plenty of time to review the studies on immune activation and aluminum adjuvant and say something about them. Instead, the AAP is silent.


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