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Chris Sky: Say no

Listen to Chris Sky, he’s really on. A dog’s hind legs can talk. He saw the future before it happened and still does.

Tommy Robinson interviews Chris Sky. His message is clear: “Just say NO. Don’t comply. Always.”

The powers that be today do not have our interests at heart. They only care about themselves.

Interview with Tommy Robinson

This interview by Tommy Robinson and UrbanScoop.

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Tommy Robinson “This interview was possibly the easiest I’ve ever done. Chris has a lot to say, he’s knowledgeable, he’s relentless, he inspires people to ‘Say No’ to government excess.”

“I’ve watched Chris for a while and admire his relentless pursuit of the truth in a crazy world of mainstream media misinformation.”

You can find Chris on GETTR here: @RealChrisSky

About Chris Skye

Chris Sky helps people understand and assert their rights and preserve their freedoms. He sets an example with his very life at stake. His mission is to help and educate others, but this has led to him being targeted and persecuted by the Canadian government. He says this targeting is being done “in previously unspeakable ways that are now becoming commonplace.” The people who control many countries in the world are leading us step by step towards tyranny.

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