Brochure: Vaccines and Autism

This brochure explains the science linking aluminum adjuvant and autism. Download, print, and distribute. Printed color brochures are available. Send inquiries here: There are four versions, in color and B&W, and 2 sizes. Size 8.5 x 11: Black and White (printer friendly): Autism-brochure-BW-8.5×11 Color: Autism-brochure-Color-8.5×11

Rebuttal to the “BBB Scientist”

Blogger ScientistAbe published a critical review of articles in April 2017: I have received requests to respond. So here is my response. First, a few general comments about ScientistAbe’s article: ATTACKING A STRAW MANScientistAbe makes “straw man” arguments, i.e. he argues