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An I&I/TIPP poll, conducted Aug. 2-4 among 1,335 adults nationwide, shows 59 percent are “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about Joe Biden’s mental health. Only 39% said they are “little worried” or “not at all worried”. Only 2% said they were “not

Stupidity: The Government God Complex

The Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has declared an emergency for Hurricane Ian. Amid evacuation and contingency plans, DeSantis had to deal with another distraction from Joe Biden and the federal government: COVID vaccinations. Biden says that “A vital part of

The Farm Chronicles: Bike Adventures

Griffith Road is a one-mile diagonal stretch between former Route 627 (now 225) and McClintocksburg Rd. Our farm was in the middle of it. Growing up, it was a rare occasion to see two cars travel that road during the day. I

FLCCC doctors persecuted for saving lives

Dr. AS Paul Marik and Dr. Peter Cory, two of the world’s leading pulmonary medicine and critical care physicians and co-founders of the Frontline Covid Critical Care Alliance, led the successful treatment of critical COVID patients with combination and sequenced multidrug interventions

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