Truth For Health Foundation Update

FAITH OVER FEAR: Roadmap to resilience! TUESDAY AT 20:00 ET US through ZOOM January 24 & 31, 2023: Team Breggin’s two-part program on: Two Global Empires Enslaving the World: What We Must Do NOW to Stop Them Register early on January 24th

World Economic Forum Beast Metaverse Rising

The second day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos meeting is underway with The Global Collaboration Village, “the first global purpose-driven metaverse platform” and “the start of transformative technology development to support the global progress”. In partnership with Accenture and Microsoft,

The Stupidity: Washington’s Game of Interpreters

If you’re a moral person, there are things happening in Washington, DC lately that might give you some hope. The Republican-led House of Representatives voted to protect babies who survive abortion and condemn violence against pro-life charities and churches. The House also

The sound of the electric car is counterproductive

Like so many things the Biden Administration has done, its theory that electric vehicles are cheaper to operate ran out of juice as prices at the pump stabilized last quarter. Now, according to a study by the Anderson Economic Group, internal combustion

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