Pandemic Two: The Great Awakening of Monkey Pox?

We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There will be another pandemic. Joe Biden, Whitehouse press conference, June 21, 2022 Who could have imagined that in just 32 days after President Biden’s prediction, the World Health Organization would declare

The science of masks | New Zealand doctors talking to science

Susan Pocket, MSc PhD, NZDSOS supporter has provided us with her analysis on the science of masks. January 2022 This brief literature review provides information on the existing peer-reviewed science related to the long-term use of surgical masks. It aims to answer

El doctor canadenc veu biotecnologia no Elements of Life

Entrevista a Western Standard el 18 d’abril de 2022, actualitzat el 3 de maig presentat a Rumble Comentari ~ Maurice McGrath PhD Un laboratori canadenc va analitzar 2 mostres seques de vacunes Pfizer i Moderna Covid que van exposar possibles inclusions de

NZDSOS response to Burnett Foundation panic letter to government

The Burnett Foundation (formerly AIDS Foundation New Zealand) has written a near-hysterical, panic-stricken letter calling for immediate government action on an alleged new infectious threat, also known as Monkeypox (MPX). Predictably, the government seems to be taking this very seriously and with

Denying ivermectin: A harbinger of medicine in 2022

My father began his medical career in the Atlantic convoys. He witnessed many distressing sights. After the war he felt lucky to be alive and grateful to have a job, as a rural GP in Northumberland, UK. 15 years after he retired

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