Carbon credits are the biggest scam since indulgences: the truth without silence

(by Nick Giambruno | International Man) – In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church convinced commoners to buy indulgences to alleviate their sins. And they made a fortune in the process.

Likewise, today, our overlords—the mainstream media, central bankers, and their political allies—are working overtime to convince commoners to pay for their supposed climate sins.

Enter carbon credits, government-issued permits that give you the privilege of emitting a certain amount of carbon dioxide.

Although advocates promote them as a way to “save the environment,” in reality, carbon credits are nothing more than a subtle mechanism to tax, regulate, and control you.

It is no coincidence that the most philosophically and ethically inclined people promote them.

For example, at a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, participants unveiled and promoted an “individual carbon footprint tracker.” It will track where people travel, how they travel, what they eat and what they consume.

Carbon accounting is already creeping into many places, like Google Flights.

A federal carbon tax is already a reality in Trudeau’s Canada, and it’s driving up the price of food and other goods and services. But Canadians haven’t seen anything yet: The federal carbon tax will triple by 2030.

In short, there is a growing push to implement the carbon credit scam around the world. And this is not a coincidence.

Remember, central banks only exist to collect wealth from the population through inflation and redirect it into politically connected politics, an insidious practice known as seigniorage.

Fiat currency is the usual mechanism used by central banks to perpetuate this fraud. They get most people to run on a hamster wheel most of their lives chasing confetti money they create effortlessly.

However, this process has a limit.

For example, the governments of Venezuela and Zimbabwe have debased their currencies to the point where they are worthless. They have extracted as much wealth as possible from their populations through lordship.

The governments of the United States, Canada, the EU and others still benefit from the lordship, but feel that they are not getting as much juice as they used to. Price increases are reaching multi-decade highs, and the US dollar, euro and other fiat currencies are rapidly losing their luster.

In other words, central banks are degrading fiat currencies to the point where they can no longer extract as much lordship as before. This presents bankrupt Western governments with a huge financial problem, which is why they need to find a new way to collect wealth from their citizens.

This is where carbon credits come in. They are the new lordship mechanism designed to transfer wealth from you to the politically connected. Read the full article >

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