Canadian woman dies minutes after getting COVID booster shot at pharmacy: The truth without silence

(by Anthony Murdoch | LifeSite News) – A Canadian woman died at her local pharmacy just minutes after receiving a booster shot of COVID.

As the Western Standard reported, on September 14, the now-deceased Carol Pearce went to her local Shoppers Drug Mart in Saskatoon, where she received a COVID booster shot.

While waiting for the mandatory 15-minute rest period after the hit, Pearce “dropped dead before hitting the floor,” according to Shoppers Drug Mart workers.

Pearce had been texting his daughter Stephanie Foster right after he was hit.

According to Foster, shortly after her mother told her she had received the shot, Shoppers Drug Mart said she fell to the floor.

“It was right after that when they say ‘she dropped dead before she hit the ground,'” Foster noted. “That’s what the documents have told us.” Read the full article >

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