BlackRock and Vanguard are the best globalists running the world, for now

Original image source: Vanguard and BlackRock Own the World

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I have stated repeatedly over the past few years, since the COVID scam, that politicians do NOT run the world, they are puppets put into office by the globalists who control the flow of the world’s finances.

They are part of the satanic world system referred to in the New Testament part of the Bible, and at the top of the financial pyramid are Freemasons who serve Satan. The leading country in this demonic world system is the United States, which was founded as a Freemason country to introduce a New World Order. I will see:

The United States has been the center of the new world order controlled by Satan for 250 years

To identify these globalists who control the world financial system, we simply need to identify the main people who control most of the world’s money.

At the top of the pyramid today is BlackRock, led by Larry Fink. James Corbett has just produced an incredible research report on the rise of BlackRock entitled:

How BlackRock conquered the world


The future of the world according to BlackRock is now in full view. It’s a world where incomprehensible computer learning algorithms automatically direct the investments of the world’s largest institutions into the coffers of those who play ball with the demands of Fink and his fellow travelers. It’s a world in which transactions will become increasingly digital, and every transaction is mined from data for the financial benefit of BlackRock’s algorithmic overlords. And it’s a world where corporations that refuse to follow the agenda will be relegated to ESG oblivion and individuals who show resistance will have their CBDC wallets locked up.

BlackRock’s transition from a mere investment firm to a financial, political and technological colossus with the power to direct the course of human civilization is nearly complete.

JAMES O’KEEFE: Meet Serge Varlay, a BlackRock recruiter.

SERGE VARLAY: Let me tell you that’s not who the president is. He controls the president’s portfolio.


VARLAY: Hedge funds, BlackRock, banks. These guys run the world.

Campaign financing. Yes, you can buy your candidates. Obviously, we have this system in place. First, there are the senators. These guys are very cheap. Do you have 10 thousand? You can buy a senator. “I could give you 500,000 right now, no questions asked, will you do what needs to be done?”

JOURNALIST:, like, does everyone do it? Does BlackRock do it?

VARLAY: Everyone does it. It doesn’t matter who wins. They are in my pocket right now.

Transcript here.

James Corbett has also published an expose on Vanguard:

How Vanguard Conquered the World

These are the people who control the affairs of the world, including planning ScamDemics as they did in 2020, because their banks and the stock market of their ponzi scheme are running out of money as they work towards a collapse of world economy, which could be imminent, and then implement his “Great Reset”.

They also control who “wins the election”, so it doesn’t matter if you vote for their candidates or not. I will see:

Since US national elections are rigged by globalists, why are you voting for their candidates?

But they are human and not invincible. Their system is being destroyed, and just as James, the half-brother of Jesus Christ, wrote about the satanic Jewish bankers of his day just before Jerusalem and its financial system was destroyed in AD 70, so too freemason satanic jews will meet soon. your destiny

Now listen, you rich people, weep and weep for the misery that is coming to you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Its corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have accumulated wealth in the last few days. (James 5:1-3)


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Posted on September 26, 2023

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