Of kiosks and stalls

Some of the headlines in the news right now show how the world is upside down. In fact, it’s surprising that the media even gives some of these people a headline, unless the media is as far from truth and common sense

Who is right? Immunity to the C-19 virus vaccine.

Debate between vaccination and virus Here is the original Stuff article by Brittney Deguara. His statements are in italics followed by Dr. Matt’s responses daring. The vaccine offers good protection against Covid-19, without the risks of the disease. A preprint study has

Received from NZDSOS – our fourth letter to Medsafe

After Medsafe sent us the report prepared by Professor McIntyre, NZDSOS responded with a detailed and widely referenced rebuttal. We requested mediation with the Ministry of Health and copied the Ombudsman. We had previously included Medsafe in the three open letters of

Immunity – Boosting It | NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Terrain – Environment – Genes & Immunity Every time the body makes a protein compound, for example an anti-inflammatory cytokine (message) or a pro-inflammatory cytokine, genes have to be activated or silenced; which protein is made depends on environmental signals. The biggest

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