World Economic Forum Beast Metaverse Rising

The second day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos meeting is underway with The Global Collaboration Village, “the first global purpose-driven metaverse platform” and “the start of transformative technology development to support the global progress”. In partnership with Accenture and Microsoft,

The Stupidity: Washington’s Game of Interpreters

If you’re a moral person, there are things happening in Washington, DC lately that might give you some hope. The Republican-led House of Representatives voted to protect babies who survive abortion and condemn violence against pro-life charities and churches. The House also

An Annotated Guide – Truth Unmuted

(by David Bell | Brownstone Institute) – The Covid-skeptic world has been claiming the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to become some sort of global autocratic government, removing national sovereignty and replacing it with a totalitarian health state. The near-complete absence of

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