Honoring All Who Served

In honoring all who served, FLCCC recognizes the contributions and sacrifices of veterans, active duty, reserve and Guard service members. For the November 15 Weekly Update, Dr. Paul Marik will be joined by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Theresa Long and LTC (Ret.) Pete

Proposed Resolution: Social Determinants of Health – AAPS

Whereas The importance of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) is increasingly recognized Whereas: SDOH include economic stability and food security Whereas: Economic stability and food security are imperiled by loss of employment opportunities and increased cost of basic necessities Whereas Phoenix mayor

Vitamin D and Cancer; Diet and Alzheimer’s Disease

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Yes, history repeats itself

COVID-19 wasn’t the world’s first rodeo. Have we learned anything from past pandemics or are we doomed to repeat history? Just outside Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Philippines, there is a statue of Spanish King Charles IV above the plaza. The monument was

Suspended doctor My Le Trinh

My Le Trinh as a child Originally published by Umbrella* by Rebekah Barnett Escaping Cambodia after the murder of her mother in a Khmer Rouge prison camp, Trinh arrived in Australia at the age of twelve, without a word of English in

Shedding Is Real

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Dr Archie Kalokerinos | Totality of Evidence

Dr Archivides “Archie” Kalokerinos was an Australian doctor, of Greek heritage, who spent much of his life working in the more remote parts of Australia, very often with the local Aborigines. He was one of the first Australian doctors to inject vitamin