Dr William Makis – Totality of Evidence

Dr William Makis is cancer researcher at the University of Alberta and Nuclear Medicine Physician employed at the Cross Cancer Institute (CCI) by Alberta Health Services (AHS), he has authored over 100+ peer-reviewed medical publications. He has been targeted and persecuted by

“Red Pilling a Healthcare Professional” – FLCCC

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Dr Charles Hoffe – Totality of Evidence

Dr Charles Hoffe is a rural family physician from Lytton in British Columbia (BC), Canada. He moved from South Africa to Canada in 1990. About 70% of his patients are first nations, Indigenous Canadians. REF As Dr Hoffe began to see harm

What’s Your WHY? – FLCCC

I’ve been called an “anti-vaxxer” and a “conspiracy theorist“ — and to be honest, I don’t mind either label. In fact, I love it when people ask me why running naked through Times Square carrying a live porcupine would be preferable to