Dr Sherri Tenpenny – Totality of Evidence

Dr Sherri Tenpenny is a long-time vaccine risk-aware advocate. She claims to have done tens of thousands of hours of research into the scientific literature on vaccines. This page will not do justice to her breadth of knowledge but will capture a

Senator Alex Antic – Totality of Evidence

Senator Alex Antic is a liberal senator representing South Australia in Australia’s federal parliament. He has been standing up for citizen’s rights since the pandemic began (probably before…but I didn’t follow politics then!) Below are a small collection of interviews with Senator

Help to Recover from Vaccine Injury

There is a hidden pandemic of the vaccine-injured that is not being acknowledged or blatantly ignored by the medical establishment. People need to find doctors and information to help relieve their debilitating symptoms which for whatever reason, they’ve incurred following their COVID-19

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