Vaccine Regret | Totality of Evidence

In the words of the Naked Emperor “More and more people are starting to regret getting vaccinated. Not because of adverse effects or it potentially impacting their health (well maybe because of that too) but because they realise they let themselves down.”

World Alzheimer’s Day 2023 – FLCCC

“One in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.” September 21, 2023 is World Alzheimer’s Day.  In the new article, The Rising Tide of Long Goodbyes, FLCCC advisor Dr. Suzanne Gazda recognizes the impact of, “this life-stealing epidemic that

COVID-19 Enquiries | Totality of Evidence

The pandemic response was devastating to health (both physical and mental) and the economies of the world. This page will attempt to capture headlines of the push for enquiries/inquiries or Royal Commissions into the COVID-19 response in countries around the world. Links

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