Australian study treats climate change skepticism as a mental disorder: the truth without silence

Comment without silence of the truth

There is a movement to label as mentally ill anyone who goes against the establishment narrative on any subject. Please pay attention to stories like this going forward as they are warning signs of what totalitarian elitists may be planning for those who refuse to follow their lies and schemes.

(by James Murphy – Reposted with permission from – A team of psychological researchers in Australia is delving into the mindset of those who refuse to accept the idea that human-caused climate change is rapidly creating an uninhabitable, barren wasteland on Earth. Researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast sought to explain why these “hand cranks” continue to deny what they call “the reality of climate change, its causes, impacts and the need for mitigating action”.

The study’s authors, Breanna Fraser, Patrick Nunn and Rachael Sharman, set out to discover why climate change skeptics think the way they do, beyond what they call “value and socio-demographic factors.” Instead, the study set out to examine the psychological factors involved in climate change skepticism. The study asked 390 Australian participants why they refused to buy the climate change narrative.

“This mixed methods study investigated whether more malleable psychological factors: locus of control; information processing style; and anti-reflexivity predicted climate change skepticism beyond sociodemographic and value factors” , the study abstract states.

According to the researchers, climate change skeptics were guilty of using “mental gymnastics” to deny what they called “the near-universal agreement among scientists about the reality and impact of climate change.” Read the full article >

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