An invented humanitarian crisis New Zealand doctors talking to science

Are doctors and/or industry behind an evolving humanitarian crisis?

We highlight calls to authorities around the world, requesting recognition and an end to this humanitarian crisis.

In short, the evidence presented again and again against the “safe and effective vaccine” narrative is overwhelming; the masks and confinements have been catastrophic; this can only be about profit and control; and even if the deployment is stopped immediately, the consequences in the future will already be a disastrous plague on humanity for generations.

In his two-minute Daily Dose: Humanitarian Crisis on October 25, the affable Dr. Peterson Pierre of America’s frontline doctors discussed NZDSOS’ open letter dated 2 June 2022 to Police Commissioner Andrew Coster requesting a urgent inquiry into harm and death of New Zealanders following Covid-19 vaccination. See Deaths after vaccination against Covid-19 for more information. For a full list of our open letters to various authorities over the past two years, which have been largely ignored or inadequately responded to, see this link.

Other calls for a response to this humanitarian crisis

He appealed to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam Doctors 4 Covid Ethics in February 2021. They expressed the need for urgent attention to numerous media reports of a possible humanitarian crisis in residences affected by COVID-19 in the days after residents were vaccinated. They consider that the approval of these substances was premature and reckless given the multiple safety issues they detailed. The EMA responded with what Doctors 4 Covid Ethics described as a “woefully unconvincing and unacceptable response”, before issuing a press release accusing the EMA of “downplaying the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine”.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote an open letter to the Holy See on October 18, 2022 requesting that the Catholic Church urgently reconsider its role in promoting vaccination. It highlights a number of humanitarian concerns and states:

Health services in Western nations continue to implement face mask regulations on healthy people as an infection control measure despite evidence of their ineffectiveness. Engineer, industrial hygienist and exposure control expert Stephen Petty explains the mechanisms of the mask here; and epidemiologist Dr. Paul Alexander has written a comprehensive systematic review of the evidence for mask ineffectiveness and harm.

Citing gold standard randomized control trials, completed 2,000 health professionals wrote an open letter to NHS chief executives across the UK, detailing the ineffectiveness of face masks for viral control and their potential to cause physical, social and psychological harm. Will Jones reports on the story NHS England admits its hospital mask mandate is based on a model that simply assumes they work.

The use of face masks as a tool to exert power and control clearly appeals to some, providing a visible symbol to identify the servile class. This poses a very real risk of exacerbating the humanitarian crisis arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, especially for the world’s most vulnerable.

We reported in Evidence of dishonest Claims About C-19 Vaccines and Reproductive Health, how alarming safety signs are emerging on 27 October 2022, regarding peaks in neonatal deaths in Scotland. These spikes were detailed by Dr. John Campbell on October 20th, who reported this paper, with a visible and justified reaction of disbelief, that the panel of experts stated “…no ‘plausible’ link” among the unusually high levels of mortality among newborns in Sept. last year and March this year to justify investigating maternal vaccination status.”

The UK Alliance for Medical Freedom published a letter dated 31 October 2022 to the Scottish expert group which includes its chair, retired neonatologist Helen Mactier. They make a specific appeal “…that the possibility that the vaccination against Covid-19 has a causal effect should not be ruled out a priori”, detailing the lack of safety data, mechanisms of potential harm and safety signals that appear in the Largest vaccine adverse event reports in the world. systems

A group of UK public health analysts have written an open letter to the ONS (Office for National Statistics) requesting the public withdrawal of the Deaths by Vaccination Status dataset. They are shown strong evidence of misclassifications leading to gross underestimation of unvaccinated death rates and meaningless population proportion and suggests the need for an investigation into how and why the ONS data set is so flawed and corrupt.

An open letter to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt was written on 5 November 2022 by Justin Walker and Sir Julian Rose, researchers/activists at the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE). Identifying that a contrived attempt to collapse the global economy appears imminent, they claim that the British people face “a bleak future of growing fear, debt, scarcity and austerity” and demand that “The long reign of criminal central bankers and the unelected and incomprehensible power base that is the City of London must now be put to an immediate and lasting end!

Rishi Sunak has known ties to the World Economic Forum and promoted plans for central bank digital currencies. As chancellor of the exchequer in 2020, he was instrumental in devastating decisions, including the UK’s lockdown leave scheme, an early example of universal basic income. In contrast to HARE’s briefing letter, a group of politicians and academics have also written to Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister, urging him to introduce a Universal Basic Income (UBI). Financial experts from different backgrounds warn that UBI is another key in the coffin that would lead to centralized control of all people’s expenses and movements. Professor Richard Werner presented this clearly at the Doctors 4 Covid Ethics Symposium in June 2022.

This range of open letters from around the world suggests that as visible symbols of a class of servants continue to be promoted under the guise of “security”, at the same time evidence is piling up that populations, especially our youngest and most vulnerable, are less safe and less protected by our leaders than we have been in many decades.

We have every reason to believe that New Zealanders, experiencing the same blockade-running strategies, face the same humanitarian crisis unfolding elsewhere unless appropriate civil and political action is taken urgently.

What can we do?

Not all solutions are related to health, but we are aware that health services are being used by the powers that be to advance this humanitarian crisis. Local NZDSOS alliances are actively involved in finding and implementing solutions.

Global solutions can also be adapted to the local context. Dr. William Makis offered a number of policy solutions in his recent interview covered by us on More Dead Doctors in Canada’s Current Covid-19 Tragedy. These include political commitment for the following actions. Not only do we need to engage, but we need to increase the pressure on politicians and regulators, letting them know that they will be held personally accountable.

Removal of corporate and executive interests with corporate ties from the influence of the health department; Removal of political and industrial affiliations from the influence of the health department; Inclusion of health professionals in the executive councils of the health department; Accountability of health department executives to public committees, including medical and health professionals, as well as the general public; Review of health department structures to reduce administrative costs and increase health professionals providing services to the public; Removal of corporate and political interests from health professional licensing authorities; Accountability of health professional licensing authorities to the physicians they seek to regulate, as well as to a broad cross-section of the public; Ensure that physicians have the right to practice independently, including diagnosis, prescribing, treatment and referral processes that are not tied to industry or special interests.

Dr. David Bell, in his recent presentation Using Global Health to Secure Inequality at the International Pandemic/Health Conference, outlined realistic solutions for health professionals to put into practice.

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