1.2 million native workers have lost their jobs and been replaced by 668,000 foreign-born workers

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Since the launch of the COVID bioweapon shots in 2021, the US workforce has been greatly impacted by the large volume of disabilities that increased in 2022.

However, the official government statistics on “new jobs” from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) have been consistently obfuscated to make it appear that new jobs are being created which has prevented the market from of values ​​crashes.

These falsified statistics have been consistently “adjusted” downwards after the original reports were published.

We know from the reports that Edward Dowd has been creating from his Phinance technologies that there have been dramatic increases in disabilities since last year (2022) starting in 2021 when the experimental COVID traits were implemented. I will see:

The Data Wall Street Economists Are Missing: Disabilities and Injuries in the US Workforce After COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’

Today, ZeroHedge News published an explosive article on a deep dive into the “job creation” numbers as reported by the BLS, and they found that “all job creation in the past 4 years has been exclusively for workers foreign born!”

Last month, August 2023, native-born workers in the United States fell by 1.2 million, while foreign-born workers rose by 668,000 to a record 30.396 million.

Happy Labor Day USA…

The real impact of Friday’s jobs report: 1.2 million native-born workers lost their jobs, replaced by 668,000 foreign-born workers

by ZeroHedge News


Shortly after August’s “goldlilocks” jobs report came in at 8:30 a.m. ET on Friday, causing yields to fall for the first time as markets focused on rising unemployment rate before a strong reversal sent long-term rates in the opposite direction as attention turned. In light of the jump in workers reentering the workforce (as well as the stronger-than-expected ISM impression), we explained why, lost in the din of attention-grabbing headlines, the details of the report showed how ugly the August non-farm was. the payroll report really was.

For one, we have now seen downward monthly payroll revisions for each month of 2023, a statistically improbable outcome without any political interference.

Then there was the relentless increase in “spreadsheet” jobs in the BLS, as the Birth-Death model added another 103,000 jobs last month (more than half) and has increased the actual number of jobs in 6 of the last 7 months, although the pace of new business creation has plunged in the past year compared to what it was immediately after covid (when new business creation was the greater fraud, as hundreds of billions in taxpayer funds would be made available to start-ups, resulting in – what else: millions in start-ups seeking government aid from the PPP program). For more on the birth and death tricks used by the BLS, read “Bank calls out Biden’s BS: Finds BLS ‘vastly overstated’ July jobs, real print negative 30,000.”

And speaking of negative jobs impressions excluding BD adjustments, SouthBay research noted that, in line with tradition, August payroll was a no. almost entirely driven by seasonal adjustments, which in August “created” 159,000 of the private payroll growth of 179,000, or 90% of the total!

In other words, as shown in the chart below, the undistorted data (the non-seasonally adjusted data) painted a very different picture than the reported, seasonally adjusted 187K. In fact, as calculated by Southbay, August hiring did not adjust it was the second worst since the Great Recession of 2009!

Moving away from the quantitative stuff, and looking at the qualitative makeup of the jobs report, things got even uglier, because a month after a surprising collapse in full-time jobs in July , the BLS reported that the number of full-time jobs fell again in August, sliding 85,000 to 134.2 million and following a large drop of 585,000 the previous month, which brings the total two-month drop in full-time jobs to a whopping 670,000, the biggest two-month drop since the covid lockdowns in early 2020 when 12.5 million full-time jobs were lost in one month!

But while we covered most of this on Friday, there was something even more important that we missed, which is ironic because last Thursday we wrote that “immigrants are gaining 160,000 jobs a month, as foreign-born US workforce hits all-time high.” We are referring to the demographic composition of the jobs in August, which was – for lack of a better word – shocking.

According to the BLS, in August, the number of employed native workers was 131,031 million, which was a a drop of 1.2 million from July’s 132.254 million, and less than a million more compared to 130.06 billion in August 2022 ( source ). As shown in the chart below, this was the biggest drop in native-born workers since the Covid scam shut down the US economy.

Meanwhile, the number of foreign-born (ie, immigrant) workers rose by 668,000 to a record 30.396 million ( source ).

Read the full article at ZeroHedge News (requires a Premium subscription).

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Posted on September 3, 2023

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