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South Africa, The World Is Watching You!
Do NOT Impose WHO-Driven Permanent Medical Tyranny
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South Africa is Shredding Personal Liberty to “Protect” the People.
New York State Has Just Done the Same Thing
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to Stop Medical Tyranny

COVID-19 is over in South Africa. “Faucism”, or medical tyranny is just beginning.  South Africa has one of the lowest RNA gene therapy (COVID-19 “Vaccine”) injection rates in the world while at least 80% of the population has acquired natural immunity without the dangers of the shots. Yet South Africa’s leaders are determined to do what New York State has already done: follow Agenda 21, now Agenda 23, to declare a meaningless “Health Emergency” and invoke powers to rip people from their homes, incarcerate them in state quarantine facilities, force any treatment they wish upon anyone they wish and hold them for as long as they wish – regardless of any risk whatsoever.

South Africa is following suite, allowing the same appalling dictatorial human rights violations promulgated by the World Health Organization (WHO). To create a One World Government, using “One Health”, their plan is to capture every legal entity in the world and impose Agenda 21 (now speeded up to Agenda 2023) on every human being on the planet. In order to “protect us”, WHO has given itself the authority to enslave us – or worse. Each political unit, like South Africa and New York, captured by the WHO war machine is that much harder to reclaim. No matter where you live, all of us need to stand together to defend freedom and human rights everywhere.

The more often we can push back effectively against these criminal leaders, the safer we all become.

Click the link below, to tell South Africa’s leaders the world rejects the imposition of Medical Tyranny.

Dr. Joe Phaahlahas, the South African Minister of Health, has proposed amendments to the National Health Act Regulations under Government Notice No. 1434 of 15 December 2017 and the International Health Regulations Act 28 of 1974 authorizing the long-term, permanent replacement to South Africa’s COVID-19 regulations, These amendments give the South African Minister of Health the power to:

  1. Declare pandemics
  2. Force lockdowns
  3. Impose travel restrictions
  4. incarcerate individuals in quarantine in facilities
  5. Force medication/injection “treatment” against the person’s will at any time. Neither patient, parental, scientific or any other consent is needed.

Anyone resisting any of these measures because they violate basic constitutional rights will be considered to be opposing the minister  and is subject to be incarceration for ten years. Anyone can be abducted and taken by force by the police into a camp to be given medical treatment and incarcerated without consent.

These horrifying provisions are remarkably similar to those recently invoked in force in New York State following the Governor’s Declaration of a Mon[k]ey Pox Emergency on July 30, 2022.[1]

Tell South Africa’s leaders that you stand firmly with their people. Click here to send an email rejecting Faucism and demanding their Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.

Use this link, LINK, to share this page with everyone you can reach. Pushback works when enough of us raise our voices saying the same thing: “Don’t You Dare”. All of us have the Right of Informed Consent and Personal Sovereignty and we will protect it.

Text of editable Letter,

To The Honorable Dr. Joe Phaahlahas, Minister of Health
Dear Minister Phaahlahas,

I strongly urge you to abandon the amendments you have proposed to National Health Act Regulations under Government Notice No. 1434 of 15 December 2017 and the International Health Regulations Act 28 of 1974 or any other measures which would give the government unconstitutional and dangerous options including absolute violation of the guaranteed Right of Informed Consent to allow forced removal, medication or treatment, examination, isolation, detention and incarceration on the flimsy basis of “protecting” people and society.

Such “protection” is, in fact, neither science-based public health nor public policy suitable for a society operating under the rule of law and preserving the rights of its people. Instead, it is a shamefully flimsy imposition of unjustifiable tyranny which will destroy South Africa as surely as it will destroy her people.

South Africa, climbing out of one type of mass oppression must not plunge into another equally illogical and destructive oppression.

Yours in health and freedom,


[1] New York Governor: Monkeypox Is a ‘Disaster Emergency’ (

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